Pelosi pushes multi-trillion dollar budget as Afghanistan burns

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda by supporting Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget proposal.

Questions have arisen as to whether Pelosi’s actions were appropriate given the death and destruction surrounding the Biden administration’s decision to adhere to the Taliban’s wishes on Afghanistan troop withdrawal. 

Fox News reported that Pelosi spoke to the House on Tuesday and supported her party’s economic and elections agenda promoting the budget and infrastructure package. 

Despite deep concerns about the extraction of American citizens and other innocents from Afghanistan as the Taliban takes over, Pelosi addressed the multitrillion-dollar budget proposal that passed the Senate along party lines.

The House speaker said that it was a “great day of pride” for America and the Democrats:

“Today is a great day of pride for our country and for Democrats,” Pelosi said in her floor speech. “We have a president with a big, bold vision for our country and an unprecedented opportunity to keep our promises for the people.”

Among Democrats’ claims was the promise of “lower health care costs” by decreasing prescription costs, “increase paychecks” via increase infrastructure and voting legislation, according to Fox News. 

Pelosi has backed her party’s extraordinary spending package from day one, despite deep concerns by the opposite party and voters about where the massive funding infusion would originate from. 

None of those concerns, however, are as pressing to Americans as the violence taking place in Afghanistan and the impending terrorist imposed deadline for withdrawal, which seems to be the primary concern to voters not approving their own budgets for the upcoming year.