Pelosi provides cover for Biden, calls border crisis an ‘inherited’ problem from the Trump administration

President Joe Biden and his administration have a nasty crisis brewing at the southern U.S. border and for weeks, Republicans and critics in the media have steadily demanded answers as to why the crisis continues to worsen.

According to the Daily Wire, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just put those questions to rest in a recent statement, claiming that the border crisis is not Biden’s fault, rather, it’s because the new president “inherited a broken system” from former President Donald Trump. 

Sure, it’s expected for veteran politicians like Pelosi to play politics at every possible turn, but for her to have the audacity to make such a claim when Trump’s policies actually had the reverse effect on the border, is truly astounding.

Perhaps even more unbelievable is the fact that she was able to make the ridiculous claim with a straight face during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

Pelosi went on to praise Biden for deploying the Federal Emergency Management Agency in charge of finding shelter for the record number of illegal, unaccompanied minors that were being detained at the border, which was the first public signal from the Biden administration that the situation is totally out of control.

Since Biden has been in the White House, records are being set practically every day with concern to the number of illegal immigrants — including children — being detained and processed. As of this writing, some 4,000 children are being kept in prison-like facilities, a triple-fold increase in numbers from Trump’s time in the White House.

The Speaker outdid herself once again during the interview, adding that “climate change” is also a culprit for the drastic influx in illegals crossing the border, with Pelosi claiming that droughts in Central America have suddenly driven tens of thousands of migrants from their homes in a race to get to U.S. soil.

To this day, the Biden administration still won’t refer to the situation as a “crisis.” Until the administration fulfills it’s promise to the American people to be transparent and actually tackle the issue as a country, this situation will likely become unbelievably worse before it ever gets better.