Pelosi: Maxine Waters need not apologize for urging protestors to ‘get confrontational’

Though Democrats have long been known for their pragmatic – albeit utterly dishonest – ability to close ranks and unabashedly defend party members who commit the same sort of conduct for which Republicans are routinely canceled, liberal leadership may have just sunk to a new, nakedly hypocritical low.

As the Washington Examiner reports, reacting to remarks made by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) urging Minnesota protestors to “get more confrontational” if dissatisfied with the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared that no apology from the congresswoman was warranted and that her comments did not incite unrest, despite conservative warnings that thay they could provoke fatal violence in the coming days.

The controversy unfolded after Waters traveled to Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Saturday to join demonstrators protesting the police-involved death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright earlier this month. Though expressing her hope that Chauvin would imminently be found “guilty, guilty, guilty,” of murdering George Floyd last May, the 82-year-old Democrat also suggested that if he is acquitted, those upset with the outcome need to “stay on the street…get more active…get more confrontational,” as Fox News noted.

Waters’ comments prompted a deluge of criticism from Republicans, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) pledging to introduce a resolution censuring the California congresswoman — which Democrats successfully blocked on Tuesday afternoon — and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) going a step further by calling for her expulsion from the chamber for “traveling across state lines to incite riots.”

Pelosi, for her part, apparently found no fault with Waters’ conduct, telling reporters on Monday, “No, I don’t think she should apologize,” adding that “Maxine talked about confrontation in the manner of the civil rights movement. When asked if she believed that Waters’ words served to incite deadly violence or rioting of the type seen in the Minneapolis region throughout the past year, she said simply, “No, absolutely not,” according to the Examiner.

Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill, while presiding over the Chauvin trial, blasted Waters’ “disrespectful” statements during a court proceeding Monday, telling one of the defense attorneys in the case, “I’ll give you that Congressman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned,” as NBC News reported, though he denied a motion for a mistrial based on what she said.

Amid the deluge of criticism from conservatives, Waters remained unmoved, stating on Monday, “[Judge Cahill] says my words don’t matter,” in an apparent denial of the notion that what she said could in any way be interpreted as encouraging lawlessness or unrest.

The positions taken by these two congresswomen since Saturday are curious, indeed, considering that back in January, they sought the impeachment of former President Donald Trump for encouraging his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” voice their dissent on Jan. 6. At the time, Waters claimed that Trump’s words constituted incitement meant to “create a civil war,” and Pelosi hyperbolically said they might have even made him an accessory to murder.

Though GOP efforts to sanction Waters for her dangerous rhetoric never stood much of a chance of going anywhere, given Pelosi’s full-throated defense of her colleague, the entire episode is highly instructive of the shameful – yet regrettably effective – ways in which Democrats willingly engage in whatever acts of hypocrisy prove necessary to keep their narratives alive.

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72 Responses

  1. Waters and Nancy both have clinically pathological impairment They are angry and filled with abnormal hatred and self loathing Both are selfish and juvenile in response to their emotional status of conflict They should rightfully be stripped of any power and deserve no recognition for empty deeds, heartless souls and insignificant levels of true intelligence or insights Shame on both; a disgrace to our country and to all races

  2. Pelosi is wrong Waters needs to be removed she is a disgrace to this nation and Pelosi is also a disgrace and she needs to go too

  3. I hope Chauvin gets off because of these two idiots ( waters n Biden). That really would be a nice kick in the rear. If it happened no one would admit it. They would blame it on President Trump.

  4. People of America, we need to take the house back in 2022. Please vote for Republicans. Also we need term limits for all Politicians.

  5. Yes, it would be poetic justice if the verdict gets overturned on appeal because Maxine Waters can’t keep her mouth shout. Funny as it would turn the rioters against one of their own. She had no business going to another district to incite rioters to get more confrontational if a verdict doesn’t go the way they want. There was no way the jurors would not have been aware of her presence and statement as this is 2021, news travels fast and lying has become all too common. It should be investigated if Waters used government travel funds on her personal trip to Min, which is against the laws that the democrats don’t enforce on themselves.

  6. they are both in their 80’s, so hopefully they dont have much more time here to ruin this country. buh-bye to useless humans like these.

  7. Why would she find anything with what Waters said? Nancy & Maxine are both inciters of riots & violence. both have committed crimes, both have made more money illegally being politicians & their both lying, haters!!


  9. If Trump got placed on trial for impeachment by those who imagined a way to turn his words into a call for mob rule then how can Maxine Waters not face a similar “trial”? Her words do NOT need the liberals “mistranslation” to turn her words into a call for anarchy.


  10. martial law needs to be imposed on all the democrats in Congress.everyone of them needs to be put in solitary confinement ,no bail can be used to release them Strip their rights awAy, no lawyers no internet, no phones no visitors, no food. Let them all fade away and throw the keys away better yet burn the keys. Make it even better have illegal aliens go in and speak their language for hours each day. Make sure they are co vid positive, and everyone in a cell has no masks.put Dr Fauci in with them too. They like him.

  11. It would be Poetic Justice if Chauvin gets his case overturned because of the Democrats own stupidity, and inability to keep their big mouths SHUT.

  12. Rep Maxine Waters tells the people if the verdict is not guilty to stay on the streets and have confrontations…Pelosi says she has done nothing wrong or has no need to make an apology. Normal democratic two faced thinking. Trump said we need to fight for our rights and Pelosi says he should be tried for starting riots and charged with murder…when are they going to dump that alcoholic bag of bones and get a real American as speaker of the house…..With that gang of way too far left idiots, I can only say I am NOT proud of our government ,I am proud to be an American but it’s not easy with the way our country is being run these days.

  13. Twice as many whites are killed than blacks every year. When do white lives matter? Only way these dirty crooked Dems can be removed? It starts with an S! Only way too get their attention from ruining our Country. Too many served and died for our Country too let these crooks continue and demean our Constitution and rule of law. But they won’t follow by rules, so why should anyone. Attacking our military and police use real bullets. Burning looting, shoot those bastards, might get their attention.

  14. Waters and Pelosi will get their just rewards when the stand before GOD and get to spend Eternity in Hell. But this is not bad enough for them it would be better if they had a broken back and absesed tooth like a friend of mine use to say to make Hell even worse.

  15. Pelosi and Waters have BOTH made their own rope/noose….even their constituents should be able to understand that!!! Surely, those two OLD WOMEN have finally “gone too far” Gor even the MOST LIBERAL of their constituents!!!!(if, of course, these “older than dirt” HAGS haven’t already PAID $$$$ for their votes!!!!! How about a good, old-fashioned House/Senate IMPEACHMENT!!!! They always seemed so excited about THAT process!!!!!!!

  16. At the very least, this is a violation of the twenty-eighth amendment ! Where is the DOJ ? Why is nothing being done ?!
    Precious Democrats…. Poor babies can’t be held to the same standards as those They accuse !

  17. They should both be charged with unamerican activities and treasonal acts and treated as such to the full extent of the law

  18. Pelosi, Waters, Harris, Obama, the entire Biden Family, Schumer, Schiff, and all 100% of the Dems need to be tried for terrorism as well as treason.

  19. Democrats are liars and using the black people in this country to get what they want–democrats do not help the blacks just use them—now wait and see how many blacks get killed or overdose on all the drugs coming from Mexico—-Biden is a racist and the black leaders know–but they a getting their pockets full $$$$$$$$

  20. This whole crooked administration needs to be removed from office!!! They are a disgrace. They are destroying our country!

  21. TERM LIMITS ! ! ! TERM LIMITS ! ! ! There is no better solution to old and bitter people put in position of leadership tht puts personal grudges ahead of public needs ! ! ! HOUSE = same 2 yr terms with max of 8 yrs, ( the 2 yr election cycle is so we can eliminate apparent mistakes, SENATE – 2 4yr terms also max of 8 yrs same as president.. In my thinking this would put the governing back in the hands of the prople as our founders planned ! ! !

    For the present both Pelosi abd Waters should face severe penalties, after all they are doing worse than president Trump was accused of and they both were clearly and openly guilty while the president was only accused of misdeeds

  22. Maxine Watters is a disgusting piece of SH**.
    She is inciting violence and should be held accountable for the death of police officers everywhere.
    She is telling BLM to be confrontational with white people!!!!!!!!!!
    this is RACIST!!!!!
    She needs to be removed from congress and should be thrown in jail!!!!!
    DUMBOCRATS are stupid, cheaters(in election 2020) and most of all LIARS!!!!!

    1. Let the American , legal, voters decide the fate of Waters. This is not the first time she has encouraged people to be violent against anybody that doesn’t agree with her. She is nothing but a racist that incites trouble everytime she opens her big, nasty mouth🤬🤬🤬

      1. The one who bears the MOST blame for Floyd’s death is FLOYD. That’s not to say that Chauvin doesn’t bear a LITTLE guilt, for kneeling on his neck so long. I propose Chauvin’s sentence should be having to look at a picture of Maxine, Nancy, Hillary, Omar, and AOC once a day for the rest of his life. That would be sufficient punishment as far as I’M concerned.

        1. I disagree with you. the m.e. for the prosecution said there was no evidence that anyone had applied undue pressure to Floyds neck. there were no broken bones, no bruising, no eye hemorraghing. if you look at the pictures from another angle, he was on his collarbone. this fool said he couldnt breathe in the cop car. this was after he ate enough fentanyl to kill a large elephant. he was hoping he would get the treatment he got last time he pulled this stunt. but this time, he wasn’t rushed to the e.r. to be pumped. that’s why he said “I ate all my drugs”. this time no one listened. this useless human caused his own death. had he not tried to scam “whitey” with that fake $20, and not eaten his stash, he would still be here. all these”martyrs” cause their own deaths. they do the crime, then try to run. what do they think will happen??? I propose all police who are called to a crime involving a known criminal, just turn around and go get a donut. they will end up in prison, and the scum perp will either be a martyr, or a millionaire. I say let them run amok. they’ll pay for it eventually. and our cops won’t be in jail for nothing. and I’ll go so far as to say, there will be another martyr soon, and another millionaire family, and more rioting. it is the nature of certain beasts.

          1. Kneeling on him is what they’re pinning on him. I say Floyd was a dead man walking. He was a CAREER CRIMINAL who died while COMMITTING ANOTHER CRIME, while HIGH on ILLEGAL drugs. I’m on Federal Grand Jury Duty in Chicago, taking the train to get there and back I see tributes to Floyd on buildings. And a Judge can tell you to ignore all sorts of stuff, it doesn’t matter, you can’t un hear or un see things, or not take into account things that have happened to YOU personally. On my jury panel we have an Immigration Lawyer who is pretty much a bleeding heart for Illegal Immigrant cases. The “minorities” on the panel are now saying, How do we know the cops didn’t PLANT a gun on the suspect? Even though there’s video proof of the suspect having it in the waistband of their pants. I said to my dad that they would find him guilty the moment the Prosecution showed the still of Chauvin’s face with the agitated look on it during their closing statements. Then you have Mad Max inciting violence if he wasn’t found guilty. She should be thrown in jail for tampering with the Jury. I really hope he gets his case overturned for the Democrats interfering. It would serve them right.

  23. Where’s The Republican Senate-They should be burning the mid-nite oil. to Expel Waters and Pelosi from Congress. They are the Law Makers of our country, And have grossly violated the Law themselves in their Public Addresses to the Public. The two need to brought before a Congressional Hearing. And face the violations for breaking existing laws. Citing riots across our Nation. Not to mention their violations of the Oath they took to uphold the Laws of our country. As well as their integrity and ethics of their positions.

  24. IF THIS STANDS,we have seen the last of the legal trials by jury in this country.. it is now TRIAL BY MEDIA AND CROOKED POLITICANS.

    1. She was a real greenhorn when first occupied her seat in GOVT, and hasn’t done much to help the AMERICAN PEOPLE, but she sure has taken care of herself AND FAMILY, FINANCALLY

    1. Maybe because we put America first?

  25. Dems WANT Civil War 2 & Violence
    Let them Reap what they sow
    Now to face future riots ahead
    Play hardball time now

    1. No Stephen, let them wear themselves out. Then in the fall who knows what they’ll face but they won’t be 100% however, we will. That’s strategic military hardball, and they ain’t up for it. Really times a few million when you consider that we are nationwide, 80 million voted for Trump and there are 85 million in the Patriot Party not to even mention our strong point militias many on two-wheels.

      1. I regretfully agree with you 100%. Our children & grandchildren will be the ones who will pay the price for what We allowed our government to do to America & each one of us. Our biggest mistake was allowing the BHO regime to invade our Government & begin the instillation of his poison into American Society.

      2. I just wrote about my own experiences during Obama’s ‘reign’ and they didn’t like what I said either!! Got ‘kicked’ out! LOL This site isn’t ‘totally’ straight! I don’t use ‘foul’ language or anything but they don’t like what I have to say! LOL

    2. Should it be necessary – the National Guard should – no – MUST take the reign on this one. There should be NO violent “protests” which is actually inciting riots. This should NOT be allowed – – protests are OK but once VIOLENCE STARTS – arrest ALL protesters to keep ME, MY CHILDREN, my PRENTS, MY SIBLINGS and Friends safe!!! THAT is the job of the National Guard: “The Governor can activate National Guard personnel to “State Active Duty” in response to natural or man-made disasters or Homeland Defense missions.”

        1. As I said Pelosi and Waters along with Harris and Biden need to be removed from office! We don’t need criminals like them in our Government! They belong in prison, actually they are worse then the prisonars already there! Just because they are in Congress doesn’t mean they can get away with commiting crimes!

          1. It shouldn’t mean they can get away with crimes but the truth is they do and have been for some time now.

          2. The stench Sharpton is smelling is the rotting demons that Sharpton,Pelosi , Waters and Biden represent.
            Americans will deal with them next year for sure.

      1. Between PELOSER and WATERSHEAD, we have two of the mist UNAMERICAN government workers!! They have proved for YEARS just how little they actually CARE about AMERICA, and our cherished country!! They would both, along with at least 9 other SELF-SERVING DUMBOCRAPS that have already sold America down the river,,or gave it away for bribes, as the Biden family has done for years!! When it is right, the proper people will announce their findings regarding the whole Biden family, and I, for one, can hardly wait!! I am 81, served 4 years Army, and LOVE AMERICA with all of my heart! I despise anyone that would hurt my birth-country, and wish more people would practice living the GOLDEN RULE!! Our lives and our country and our world would all benefit from it!! The negative people serving in our political parties should retire, and let people that love America take their places!!

        1. You’re right, Jim, but it’s not their agenda to ‘retire’, only to destroy America and replace her with a Marxist country ruled with an ‘iron fist’–namely, theirs! Reason they despised Pres Trump and his ‘America First’ agenda! That took away ‘their’ power to control and made American citizens ‘strong’ in their own right–as it was intended to be. This is why ‘term limits’ are so critical but we won’t get that with Biden & crew in office. Why should only the president be limited to how many terms he/she serves? Members of the Senate and Congress as well as members of the Supreme Court should all have designated term limits.

      2. That’s what it’s coming a Civil War and the more the they push the more Patriot American Citizens are ready to pull the trigger and unload ..
        Enough is enough and they have alof aleady gone to far..

      3. It’s to dam late to call the national guard when you have people killed wtf I don’t need them after my friend and family are killed we need them now later is for buzzards hell with the latter after the it has been destroyed f…later call the national guard after everyone is killed



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