Pelosi expected to announce retirement after midterms

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is believed to be announcing her retirement sometime in the near future, according to a report in The Atlantic

The publication’s reporter, Edward-Isaac Dovere stated that Pelosi will announce that she will announce she’s stepping down “probably after next year’s midterm elections.”

“Her top deputies… aspire to her job, but they’re also in their early 80s, and most Democrats in and out of Congress are counting on them to step aside too. Of course, they all have stock responses denying that anyone is ever going anywhere,” the article says. While some of the details are still yet to be announced, the report indicated that “the day is coming.”

Pelosi, an octogenarian, has spent more than 30 years in the United States house and called herself a “bridge to the next generation of leaders.

The house leader reportedly agreed to a deal that she would sever as the speaker for no more than four years. The report did not indicate who her deal was made with.

Currently, speculation is flyings about whether she will try to lengthen her 18-year tenure ruling the House Democratic caucus, especially considering her continued fundraising.

“Everyone assumes this is her last term, but no one knows for sure,” a confidante told CNN. “People don’t realize how hard it was to win (the speaker’s race) last time.”

Looking to the future, “pretty much every Democrat in Congress and beyond is confident that” Rep. Jeffries, D-N.Y. will likely end up being the next leader of the Democrats, according to the Atlantic.

“Democratic members of Congress won’t talk about any of this publicly, as if Pelosi might suddenly appear and pull their hearts from their chests,” writes Dovere.“Jeffries, carefully, left it at telling me that growing up in a Black church taught him to respect and value his elders. But none of the two dozen Democratic members of Congress and party insiders I spoke with privately could present a serious alternative to Jeffries.”