Pelosi declines to send National Guard troops home from DC duty

After turning Washington, D.C. into something resembling an armed camp in response to unrest that rocked the Capitol on Jan. 6, the current powers-that-be appear to have no intention of restoring conditions in the city to normal anytime soon.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said on Thursday that the thousands of National Guard troops currently present in the capital city should not be sent home and ought to stay in place “for as long as they are needed,” a statement in apparent agreement with a request from the U.S. Capitol Police that they remain for at least another 30-60 days, according to the Washington Examiner.

Ever since a group of pro-Trump protestors breached the Capitol building earlier this year, thousands of National Guard forces have been brought in and charged with monitoring the area, creating a bizarre, highly militarized atmosphere, complete with 7-feet tall barbed wire fencing.

Pelosi made reference to the request of the Capitol Police to retain roughly 2,000 National Guard forces for upwards of two more months, explaining, “we have to have what we need when we need it, and in the numbers that we need,” ever eager to perpetuate the unsupported narrative that Washington remains under mortal threat from right-wing extremists.

While there has yet to be a final decision on the troop request, Pelosi indicated that it will be reviewed in the very near future, saying:

Hopefully, next week, we will be able to have presentations. The issue of the National Guard is one that will be made by the Capitol Police and the Police Board, and the rest.

The speaker curtailed this week’s House schedule in the wake of new rumors of a potential threat of unrest stemming from a conspiracy theory positing that former President Donald Trump would be returned to power on March 4, the date on which American presidents were inaugurated prior to 1933.

While Pelosi denied that the move was specifically prompted by the talk of a possible attack, she did state that it “made sense” to reduce the number of people at the Capitol on that day, just in case “there were any troublemakers around.”

There have been few, if any, specific explanations of why thousands of National Guard troops are still in D.C., and the inhospitable treatment they have received since their arrival has attracted the attention of many. In addition to reportedly being sent to take rest breaks in freezing parking garages, whistleblowers just this week revealed that at least a dozen soldiers have been sickened by vendor-provided meals that contained raw meat, shaved metal fragments, and moldy produce.

Pelosi’s recent professions of respect and gratitude for the service being rendered by the National Guard stand in stark, yet sadly predictable, contrast to remarks this past summer in which she analogized federal law enforcement officers attempting to restore order to Antifa riot-ravaged Portland, Oregon to “storm troopers.”