Pelosi calls for prosecution of colleagues

How’s this for “healing?”

Nancy Pelosi is calling for the prosecution of her congressional colleagues that don’t agree with her politically. And she’s not alone – dozens of her fellow House Democrats are jumping on the banana republic bandwagon too. 

According to Sara Carter:

This past week, more and more Democrats have expressed interest in punishing Republicans who either spearheaded the effort on January 6 to try to decertify Biden’s victory or those who might have assisted the organizers of the riot.

Freshman Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) has put forward a resolution to expel lawmakers who tried to overturn the states’ electoral votes and are accused of inciting the violence that engulfed the Capitol. “I firmly believe that these members are in breach of their sworn oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Bush said. “They must be held accountable.”

Let’s be very clear – this isn’t about actual conspirators letting people into the building. That’s a wild and unproven conspiracy theory that has shamefully been allowed to flourish in the fearful and rumor-prone hysteria that the media is now fostering.

Notice, they’re going after Republicans that DARED to ask for an audit of the electoral results. They want to treat Republicans like criminals because they don’t like what they’re saying.

That’s a horrific precedent. It’s called “consolidating power,” and it’s a typical tactic used by leftist groups throughout history, from the French Jacobins to the Soviet Bolsheviks, to the Nazi’s after the Reichstag fire. Either cause or take advantage of a crisis, and use it to imprison, ruin, or drive your opposition from the field. 

Republicans need to take a stand now, or they may not be around to take one later.