Pelosi brushes off victory over ISIS saying the leader’s explosion of those around him was ‘so sad’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi surprised Americans with her seemingly benign response to the Islamic State terrorists that blew up himself and his own family members overnight. 

According to Fox News Pelosi said that it was “so sad” but he praised the U.S. military for their operation in Syria during her weekly news conference at the Capitol. 

“Last night, America delivered justice to the leader of ISIS and struck a serious blow to the terrorist group. Our entire nation is grateful for the patriotism of our military personnel and intelligence community,” Pelosi said.

“It’s so sad because this leader of ISIS, maybe it’s what they believe or whatever, but he decided that he would … blow himself up and his children and his family with him as well,” Pelosi said “That’s what happened last night.”

According to Fox News, the United States military moved in on the global leader of ISIS on Thursday, but before they could capture him he committed a “final act of cowardice and disregard for human life.” 

“ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi detonated a large amount of explosives that killed himself, his wife and children in their home, according to senior administration officials,” Fox reported. 

Haji Abdullah took over as the leader of the Islamic State in 2019 after former leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by U.S. counterterrorism operation. 

Al-Baghdadi also took his own life and that of his family rather than face justice at the hands of a Western court. 

“One reason among several that terror suspects caught in proximity to enemy fire detonate suicide vests is because they have a better chance at destroying evidence and intelligence that enemies can scoop up from the location, according to intelligence sources,” Fox News reported.