Pelosi approves Adam Schiff’s plan to leave Congress for California AG spot

Adam Schiff is in the process of quitting Congress – and Nancy Pelosi is ok with it.

I’ll leave you to speculate about what this says about Pelosi and Schiff’s relationship – Schiff has been floated as a possible successor to Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair, at least until now.

Politico reports that “Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) wants to be named California’s next attorney general — and he has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s blessing, according to four Democratic sources familiar with the matter.”

The story goes on:

Schiff, a Harvard Law School graduate and former prosecutor who currently serves as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has lobbied California Gov. Gavin Newsom to appoint him to the role, those individuals said. News of Schiff’s interest was first reported by Axios.

Hilariously, identity politics may be coming back to bite Schiff, who hasn’t hesitated to weaponize racial tensions in the past. Gavin Newsom may be unable to appoint Schiff, a white male, because he has “faced pressure to select people of color in his two previous picks.”

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