Paul Pelosi may escape prison time despite DUI crash resulting in injuries

Fox News Host Jesse Watters broke down the DUI case against Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), during “Jesse Watters Primetime,” on Wednesday. Watters revealed that felony DUI charges against Pelosi could very well land him in jail, but that depends on if he faces felony charges. 

District Attorney Allison Haley has so far stuck with charging Pelosi with a misdemeanor DUI, but that could change.

Watters opened by saying, “The extent of these injuries is very important because that’s what the [district attorney]’s office uses to determine whether a DUI is a felony or not. But DA Allison Haley… is sticking with the misdemeanor charge.”

For some Americans, the decision to charge Pelosi with a misdemeanor charge comes as no surprise considering Pelosi’s connections.

Watters continued by saying, The misdemeanor charge is probably not going to land him in jail, but if it was upgraded to a felony that caused great bodily injury, Paul could be looking at six years in the slammer. There’s a lot riding on the DA’s office keeping this a misdemeanor.”

The entire investigation into Pelosi’s DUI crash reeks of undue influence and corruption.

Paul Pelosi wasn’t tested until over two hours after the accident occurred, allowing a significant chunk of time for him to sober up. Even with that unexplained cushion, he still blew significantly over the legal limit.

The accident was far from insignificant as both vehicles involved were completely totaled, and both passengers in the other vehicles reported significant injuries.

The odds of Paul Pelosi facing real consequences for his drunk driving are looking slim. It looks like the Pelosi name will be keeping Paul Pelosi out of jail, especially with the mainstream media burying the story.