Pat Robertson announces departure as daily host of ‘The 700 Club’

After 60 years of involvement in on-air ministry, Pat Robertson announced on Friday that he was immediately stepping down as the daily host of long-running program The 700 Club, marking the end of an era for conservative Christian media, as the Associated Press reports.

Robertson, 91, is responsible for transforming a small, failing television station in Portsmouth, Virginia into a religious broadcasting juggernaut with international reach, and he now leaves the network’s flagship program in the hands of son Gordon Robertson, who will assume daily hosting duties on Monday.

In announcing his decision, Robertson told his audience, “I will no longer be the host of The 700 Club,” but assured fans that he would make occasional appearances if and when he has a “revelation” worthy of sharing, according to the AP.

Christian Broadcasting Network News noted that Robertson will now focus on teaching endeavors at Regent University, a higher educational institution he founded back in 1977, and he will also make monthly appearances on interactive installments of The 700 Club in which he will answer email questions from viewers.

Commenting on the news, Gordon Robertson opined, “’Good and faithful’ doesn’t even begin to describe my father’s service to CBN for 60 years. His legacy and the example of his prayer life will continue to lead The 700 Club in the years to come.”

The network launched by Pat Robertson back in 1961 is now headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and according to the organization, its work reaches over 100 countries and territories and includes video and TV production, prayers centers, and online ministry services rendered in dozens of languages, as the AP added.

Robertson has enjoyed a noteworthy and influential career in broadcasting, scoring interviews with a host of world leaders and cultural figures including American presidents such as Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter, as well as Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, and Benjamin Netanyahu, as CBN noted.

The son of a U.S. senator, Pat Robertson graduated from Yale Law School, mounted a presidential campaign in 1988, and is credited with founding the Christian Coalition, a powerful conservative voice in American politics.

Though at his age, Robertson certainly deserves to rest and enjoy the fruits of his decades of successful evangelism, it appears that his original calling to share the gospel remains strong, and he plans to remain as engaged as ever in the work to which he has dedicated his life.