Parents outraged over California school indoctrinating kids in secret LGBTQ clubs

As was witnessed on Election Day last month, parents taking back control over their childrens’ lives quickly shot to the forefront of hot-button political topics, and as a result, Democratic candidates felt the pain after losing a number of elections, at least partly based on parental outrage.

While critical race theory and issues of covered-up sexual abuse situations highlighted the first round of parental pushback, a new situation is brewing in California that could take the proverbial cake, as parents are now enraged over a school’s alleged deceiving of parents with regard to secret LGBTQ indoctrination clubs within the school, as The Epoch Times reported. 

Jessica Konen, the mother of a student who was allegedly targeted by school staffers, claims that the middle school encouraged her 12-year-old daughter to join an LGBTQ club disguised as an “Equality Club.”

The teachers in charge of the secret LGBTQ club reportedly convinced the young girl that she was bisexual, “and began affirming her daughter as transgender,” as The Epoch Times reported.

She came about the information after two teachers were recorded at a recent California Teachers Association conference discussing how they concealed the true nature of the clubs from parents.

“How we run a ‘GSA’ in Conservative Communities” was one of the topics at the conference, where teachers talked about their struggles in getting kids into the gay/trans clubs without conservative parents knowing about it and pushing back.

Konen, along with other extremely — and rightfully — concerned parents let members of the local schoolboard have it on Wednesday evening during a meeting.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Konen, and presumably many other ticked-off and greatly concerned parents, could take legal action against the district over what happened to their children. Hopefully, they do, as this story should be nothing less than a wake-up call for parents across the country to take great interest in what, exactly, their children are being taught in the classroom.