Over 50,000 patriotic motorcyclists converge on DC for Memorial Day tribute

If you were anywhere near Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in Washington, D.C on Sunday, you were probably in awe.

That’s because, according to the Washington Examiner, a staggering 50,000 motorcycle riding U.S. military veterans, decked out in American flags and patriotic apparel, converged on the area for an event known as “Rolling to Remember,” which is a tribute not only to those who went missing in action but as a method to raise awareness about veterans’ mental health issues. 

The patriotic ride was hosted by American Veterans (AMVETS), who rode from the stadium to Lincoln Memorial and then passed the U.S Capitol building. Many of the members have been involved in the event for decades.

There’s a special emphasis on the alarming rate of veteran suicide, which reportedly claims the lives of an average of 22 veterans per day.

Sawyer Hendrickson, the 12-year-old founder of the pro-veteran nonprofit group Miss Sawyer’s Kids with a Cause, reminded those in attendance of that daunting figure and stressed the true meaning and importance of why America has a holiday known as Memorial Day.

“We are a nation of liberty and freedom, and we can not let the sacrifices of our heroes be forgotten,” Hendrickson said.

Rider Thomas Williams, who served 26 years in the U.S Navy, stressed that Americans need to learn how and why our nation is the freest country in the world, telling the Examiner, “Start learning your history and how this country was made and [about] being free. It took our veterans to keep it this way.”

The way the riders in attendance remembered the fallen and the true meaning of Memorial Day was in stark contrast to the White House, with Vice President Kamala Harris facing tremendous backlash for tweeting “Enjoy the long weekend.”

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16 Responses

  1. I understood that Biden cancelled this. I knew they would be there anyway. No one can cancel a tradition such as this. That nit-wit who calls himself President is an out and out supid mistake. When will the American people wake up?

  2. If PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP would ask a Harley Dealer in DC for next years run to lend him a TRIKE for this RUN, which of course mostly everyone can ride, I believe that the Harley Davidson Dealer would be honored to have THE REAL PRESIDENT OF AMERICA ride their Harley Davidson Trike right through DC at the lead of the pack. Surely the old Witch Nancy Piglucy, Chuck Scummer and the rest of the worthless DEMONRATS would have to clean out their underwear from BIG BROWN STAINS… Especially after what CHINA JOE, THE CHILD MOLESTER DID to ROLLING TO REMEMBER THIS YEAR DENIED the permit for these patriots to have their run from the Pentegoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  3. What a wonderful group of patriots! They are true representatives of our American spirit and they deserve respect and appreciation from elected officials in DC not roadblocks! President Trump fully supported this phenomenal honoring of the folks we all owe for our freedoms in this great country! But then again President Trump likes real people, not elitist, pompous, narcissist, arrogant, power hungry hypocrites! God’s blessings on all involved!

  4. Don’t be surprised if you do indeed find our wonderful should be the president Trump leading the pack next year. I am sure it will be a consideration even if he can’t ride a motorcycle. He would find a way to work it so he could lead this wonderful group of vets. God Bless all of you and keep doing what you are doing because it is very important to our vets and their families. Love you all of you so much.

  5. Hey, brainless. How many of these ads do you have to put on different sites to make a dollar and perpetuate this stupid pyramid scheme?

  6. I can’t get that vision out of my head. Our real President riding lead in this wondrous procession. Please come back “45” we need you and miss you.

  7. Yes, it would have been cool! Maybe next year? That would give Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Schiff heart attacks. I would love to see it.
    Thank them for their service to this great country!

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  9. What–a motorcycle insurrection? Those American flags must have traumatized OAC again! Pelosi must have soiled herself when she learned of their imminent arrival. I suspect she envisioned the Donald on a Harley in front. That would have been sooooo cool!

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