Oregon state trooper lose bid to have judge block governor’s COVID vaccine mandate

Around the country, groups of workers in various industries have banded together in an effort to fight the relentless attempt by Democratic leaders of cities to impose COVID-19 vaccination mandates on them, with the consequences of not following the mandates including termination.

According to The Hill, a group of Oregon state troopers — 33 to be exact — asked a judge to intervene in preventing Gov. Kate Brown’s (D) COVID-19 vaccine mandate, only to be shot down, with retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice Jack Landau ruling that the governor is well within her rights to issue such a mandate.

It was the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police and the Kingsley Firefighters Association who sued the governor last month, arguing that her mandate is in direct conflict with a state law that prevents employees from being forced to take vaccinations as a condition of employment.

The group of first responders and their attorneys argued that Gov. Brown’s mandate forced them to “decide between their livelihoods and vindicating their statutory and constitutional rights is unconscionable and wrong.”

Judge Landau made crystal clear in his ruling that Gov. Brown, he believes, is looking out for public safety first, writing that the state has “an unquestioned interest in protecting the health and wellbeing of the state’s employees.”

Landau added: “Likewise, they have undeniable interest in protecting the public from the dangers posed by the COVID-19 virus.”

A deadline of Oct. 18 was set for state employees to prove they’ve been vaccinated, or else face “personnel consequences up to and including separation from employment,” which is a familiar battle unfolding across the United States at the moment.

Under the mandate, employees can apply for exemptions based on medical reasons or religious beliefs.

It’s truly a shame that people like first responders and frontline health care workers, who were hailed as heroes just one year ago, are now being forced out of their jobs simply because they made the choice to not receive the COVID-19 vaccination. It’s unfair, and completely wrong.