Oregon police arrest ‘heavily armed’ Antifa at Oregon capitol

Salem Oregon police arrested three of a “heavily armed” crowd at the State Capitol building on Sunday evening at a violent protest believed to be linked to Antifa, according to Fox News

According to Fox’s local affiliate, Fox 12 Portland, there was chaos unfolding around the crowd of about 200 hundred linked to a right-wing protest and Antifa counter-protest which took place in Salem on the same day. 

Videos from independent journalist Andy Ngo showed vandalism involving vehicles that took place at the protest, as well as one black-clad individual who was almost run down when he refused to move out of the way of a truck. 

The journalist identified the protesters as Antifa and noted their affiliation flag as well as weapons and riot gear. 

Local Police issued warnings over loudspeakers asking those who were involved in an unpermitted event and blocking Court Street to disperse as Oregon State Police and the Salem Police Department’s crowd management teams worked to clear protesters away from the scene: 

“Exit the roadway and obey all laws,” they said. “Failure to do so may result in arrest. Stay on the sidewalks and exit the roadway.”

Police also called the protest “unlawful assembly” and formed a line in front of the state Capitol. Additionally, they arrested one participant that pulled a gun on other protesters.

There has been unsurprising silence on the part of the same voices that have been vehemently protesting the demonstrations at the national Capitol building on Jan. 6. There’s also little in the news about the violent nature of the Antifa present at the demonstrations, or their aggressive tactics, such as leaning against a running vehicle, trying to block a roadway. 

While protesting is a crucial part of American freedom, equality and justice are equally as important, and something that conservatives are fervently in search of as Democrats continue to gain power.