Oklahoma takes stand against Biden’s vax mandate for National Guardsmen, files lawsuit

President Joe Biden and his administration continue to take devastating legal blows as the White House’s COVID-19 vaccination mandates for various groups are shot down in federal courts across the country.

In the latest legal action against Biden’s unconstitutional mandates, Newsmax reports, the state of Oklahoma will file suit to block vaccine mandates for the state’s National Guard, with a kicker that requests a judge block the Oklahoma National Guard and individual troops from being defunded as a result. 

The legal effort is being led by Oklahoma Republicans Gov. Kevin Stitt and Attorney General John O’Connor on the heels of a number of temporary injunctions filed by red states that have offered some temporary relief to various groups of workers from being terminated over refusing a vaccination, as the issue is decided in higher levels of the court system.

AG O’Connor held nothing back in announcing the legal action, writing in a statement that he believes Biden’s vaccine mandates are nothing less than “a clear abuse of power. “He does not have the authority to make healthcare decisions for Oklahomans,” the Republican AG continued.

O’Connor added: “It is sinister that Biden is threatening Oklahomans with the loss of their jobs if they do not surrender their personal rights and freedoms to the federal government. The president is using private employers to do his dirty work.”

He added that he’s thankful for the support received from numerous Republicans in the Oklahoma legislature, who’ve reportedly backed the AG and the governor as they take on the White House.

“We appreciate the support from our State’s Senate and the House,” O’Connor’s statement read. “With their support, we can stand up for the rights of Oklahomans and defend the rule of law against federal overreach.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who will also be a defendant in the upcoming Oklahoma lawsuit, ordered all National Guard units and reserve forces to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination, adding that he has the authority to require full-time Guardsmen on state duty to be vaccinated, a claim contested by the governor and the AG.

“Threatening the pay of National Guard members is manifestly unlawful and unfair, as unvaccinated active-duty personnel do not have their pay withheld,” Gov. Stitt said, adding that he will fight the Biden administration to protect his troops from Biden’s overreach.