Obamas release lengthy statement on Roe v. Wade draft resolution decision

The so-called “leak” of the Supreme Court draft resolution that indicated the high court will soon overturn Roe v. Wade has caused a firestorm of hysterical anger on the left, and the situation is so monumental that the Democratic Party has already called on its superstars to speak out on the topic.

As USA Today noted, former President Barack Obama, and former first lady Michelle Obama issued a statement through his Twitter account in which they strongly condemned the upcoming SCOTUS decision to overturn the nearly 50-year-old abortion decision.

The Obamas wrote that such a decision would “relegate the most intensely personal decision someone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues.”

“Under the Court’s logic, state legislatures could dictate that women carry every pregnancy to term, no matter how early it is and no matter what circumstances led to it — even rape or incest,” part of the Obamas’ statement read.

They added: “Because in the end, if we want judges who will protect all, and not just some, of our rights, then we’ve got to elect officials committed to doing the same.”

A number of social media users noted just how quickly so many powerful and high-profile Democrats and sitting politicians were able to release such long and detailed statements within a very short time period of the “leaked” draft resolution, causing many to wonder if it was known by some of the party’s elite that such an operation was taking place.

A number of prominent court experts and legal minds suggested that someone within the high court purposely leaked the decision to spread awareness before the decision was formally announced, in order to pressure at least one conservative justice into changing his or her mind.

The leaked document has already been labeled as the most egregious Supreme Court scandal in U.S. history, one that could mark a shift in public trust in one of the last government institutions that were trusted.