Obamas head back to White House for official portrait hanging ceremony

The Obamas are headed back to the White House. Luckily, it’s not for work, though it’s not out of the realm of possibility to presume that there are probably plenty of people who would rather have the Obamas in the White House than the Bidens.

President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden invited the Obamas back to the White House for the official unveiling and hanging of their painted portraits. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced the event this week, according to Fox News.

“On September 7, the President and Dr. Biden will host President and Mrs. Obama for the unveiling ceremony for their official White House portraits, and that will be very exciting,” Jean-Pierre said.

Why the delay? Traditionally, a president will host his or her predecessor for the official portrait unveiling, except former President Donald Trump decided to skip the tradition during his time in the White House. He refused to hang their portraits.

Barack Obama’s portrait will reportedly be hung on the main floor of the White House with the portraits of his predecessors.

Michelle Obama hasn’t been in the White House for over five years, since her husband’s term ended in January 2017. Barack Obama, however, made it back to the White House once, and that was in April of this year to mark the anniversary of his legacy Affordable Care Act bill.

The Washington Examiner noted, “The White House Historical Association funds this project during every presidency, dating back to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s time.”

It hasn’t yet been announced if Biden will hold a similar ceremony for President Trump’s portrait.