Obama turns on Biden: fix ‘heartbreaking’ crisis at the Southern border

Former President Barack Obama has called on the Biden Administration to deal with the “heartbreaking” migrant crisis at the southern border, according to a report by Fox News

Obama called the current system “dysfunctional” and said that the administration needed a plan to change what was taking place on the southern border during an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” that aired Tuesday.

The former president went on to say that reform to the U.S. immigration system is “something that is long overdue,” but admitted he felt it was a “tough” issue because open borders was an “unsustainable” idea, calling the situation in Del Rio, Texas painful reminder that we don’t have this right yet and we’ve got more work to do.” 

“As big-hearted as he is, nobody understands that better than Joe Biden,” Obama said. “And the question is now: Are we gonna get serious about dealing with this problem in a systemic way, as opposed to these one-offs where we’re constantly reacting to emergencies? And I think that that’s something that every American should wanna put an end to.”

Obama’s comments came as the nation sees a huge influx of immigrants at the southern border, including more than 14,000 Haitians who are camped under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. 

Obama, who picked President Joe Biden to be his running mate and VP for two terms, has been officially supportive of his VP holding the Oval Office, but not shy to offer opinions about how the country should be run, when asked. 

“Immigration is tough,” Obama said in his interview. “It always has been because, on the one hand, I think we are naturally a people that wants to help others. And we see tragedy and hardship and families that are desperately trying to get here so that their kids are safe, and they’re in some cases fleeing violence or catastrophe.”

He added: “At the same time, we’re a nation state. We have borders. The idea that we can just have open borders is something that … as a practical matter, is unsustainable.”

August was the second month in a row where Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed there were more than 200,000 migrant encounters at the southern border which is a huge increase over the typical migration patterns for this time of year.