Obama admin worked overtime to silence mainstream media critic: Report

Not that it should come as even a remote surprise to anyone with a pulse, but new records released from the Justice Department prove that the Obama administration went to great lengths to censor a libertarian author who was critical of then-Attorney General Eric Holder.

According to The Washington Times, Jim Bovard, a USA Today columnist, was apparently a thorn in the side of the Obama administration. Bovard was apparently the target of a censorship campaign in order to silence him from writing anything bad about Holder.

The Times noted:

A top Justice Department official sought to intimidate USA Today into no longer publishing Mr. Bovard’s commentary, according to documents unearthed by a Freedom of Information Act request made by Mr. Bovard.

The records revealed that then-DOJ spokesman Brian Fallon had emailed the editors at USA Today, as recently as 2015, and “browbeat them” regarding why they continued to let Mr. Bovard publish commentary. The email made it crystal clear that the DOJ was not happy with the situation.

“Mr. Bovard is not a columnist for the paper, and his take on Mr. Holder is well established by the screeds he publishes on other platforms as well such as The Washington Times, so why is it considered novel or appropriate for him to be given a platform to whack the AG every couple months on your paper’s website?” the email from Fallon to the outlet’s editors read.

Ticking off Fallon, even more, was the fact that USA Today’s editor continued letting Bovard publish his stinging commentary.

A high-level, veteran editor at USA Today at the time noted that it was the only time a government official ever attempted to silence one of his writers from publishing commentary.

The scary part is that such censorship tactics were likely deployed at other outlets — left-leaning outlets that might have caved to such pressure, though we’ll probably never know otherwise.