NYPD officer survives after being shot in the head while resting in his vehicle

Ever since progressive Democrats pushed their “defund the police” narrative and attempted to demonize America’s law enforcement officers through their allies in the mainstream media, violence against cops has skyrocketed, and the latest incident is another example of how dire the situation has become.

According to ABC News, a New York City police officer, who was resting in his personal vehicle, was shot in the head while in the parking lot of a precinct house in East Harlem. Luckily, the officer survived what would normally be a fatal shot.

“We are lucky, fortunate and grateful on this New Year’s Day,” said newly sworn-in Commissioner Keechant Sewell, while indicating that the shot came from a distance, and the assailant is still on the loose.

“It’s hard to tell who the intended target was, if any, but let me say this: There are no stray bullets. There is somebody firing that weapon and we intend to locate that person if possible,” the commissioner added.

While the officer was resting, he was suddenly awakened when he heard the glass of his car’s window shatter, followed by searing pain in his head. The bullet reportedly was millimeters away from damaging vital parts of the skull that likely would have resulted in instant death.

Interestingly, the bullet was seemingly deflected as it traveled through the rear windshield of his vehicle, or it could have also been deflected when it impacted his skull. A successful surgery at a nearby hospital resulted in fragments of the bullet being removed from his head.

A police sergeant nearby came to the officer’s aid, and he was reportedly sleeping in his vehicle after working a full shift, and preparing for an early morning shift.

Though there aren’t any leads as far as the suspect is concerned, NYPD is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

One would think that these types of disturbing attacks on police officers would be enough to force radical liberals to back down from their anti-police narrative. Only time will tell.