NYC gripped by violent crime wave with multiple fatalities

In the aftermath of the police reform and defunding initiatives that were championed by the far left over the past year, the old maxim of “be careful what you wish for” is proving sadly prescient in many of America’s largest cities.

As Fox News reports, New York City witnessed a particularly shocking wave of gun crime this past weekend, with 31 victims wounded and six dead in shootings that occurred between the period spanning Friday through Sunday, further evidence of the policing crisis gripping the country’s urban centers.

The spate of violence was especially notable in that it represented a dramatic difference from the same time frame last year. April 23-25 of 2020 notched just four shootings, with five individuals sustaining injuries, making this year’s tally a 257% increase, as the New York City Police Benevolent Association pointed out in a tweet on Monday.

As ABC 7 in New York reported on Monday, the Transport Workers Union, which represents those employed in the NYC subway system called for additional police officers to be assigned underground in response to an alarming rise in crime. As union President Tony Utano put it, “We don’t come to work to go home with blood on our uniforms,” adding, “My members are getting assaulted every day. Every day. Every day they’re getting spit on, they’re getting punched.”

In particularly jarring example of what law enforcement officers in New York are facing on a daily basis, an NYPD detective was assaulted with a plastic stick on a street in Queens Monday while investigating a case, as the New York Daily News noted. Though no serious injuries resulted, the New York City Police Department Detectives’ Endowment Association explained that the episode is indicative of the challenges its members face daily, saying in response:

Welcome to NYC! Even as our Detectives investigate crimes, they’re attacked by emboldened criminals, who have quickly realized there are no consequences for law breakers in our city.

Unfortunately, the anti-police rhetoric and willingness on the part of city leaders to cave to leftist demands to pull resources from the force have resulted in a massive wave of law enforcement retirements and staff shortages. This year alone, there has been a 75% increase in the number of officers voluntarily retiring or resigning from their positions since 2020, according to the New York Post.

Criminal justice professor Joseph Giacalone explained to the Post that “cops are forming a conga line down at the pension section and I don’t blame them,” adding that anti-cop attitudes among local and national leaders as well as the March decision by the City Council to eliminate qualified immunity protections for officers have turned “the job [into]…a minefield.”

Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch believes that the ultimate goal of officials such as New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio is to abolish policing altogether, even if indirectly, saying, “They’ve kept our pay absurdly low. They’ve ratcheted up our exposure to lawsuits. They’ve demonized us at every opportunity. And they’ve taken away the tools we need to do the job we all signed up for,” as the Post further noted.

If Lynch is correct, and “police abolition-through-attrition” is the ultimate goal of the liberals in control of government not just in New York, but also in major cities nationwide, the recent uptick in violent crime is, regrettably, likely just the beginning of the devastation.

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    1. Another Biden blunder!! His rhetoric on national television proves that his leadership is promoting fear and hate, Civil unrest and racism. Very negative and misleading. If I were a cop in any major city I would retire too. Americans need to stand up and let our voices be heard. The truth is that it is a very small number of bad cops…miniscule!!

      1. I agree. No Police. Utter Ridiculous. and With Out Cops Criminals will absolutely run wide and never will there be any Peace for Peaceful People.

      2. This problem is a two way street of disrepect from both sides. People cannot live in peaceful existence with each other, without them. Show them the respect they need, by just doing as asked to do. Give the police counseling on respecting. people who comply. WE WERE TAUGHT AT HOME, respect, in all situations. Police DO have a bad reputation for being rough, when unnecessary. Weed those bad apples out, because they are giving good cops a bad name.

    2. You are so right but the only problem is, as we all have seen, people who do defend themselves are the ones going to jail. I am one of the millions who bought a gun last year and I will use it to defend me and mine.

      1. I am thinking about getting a gun to protect myself and my family, The world has gone crazy under the Biden administration.

        1. Biden is responsible. He has a lot of blood on his hands. But of course he has no conscience so he doesnt give a damn. Hell be the reason we have record gun crimes in the country yet he wants citizens to give up their guns? His dementia will andis destroying our country. Lies, deception and double standards is his wont be too much longer when he wont be safe in his own bedroom. And he deserves every bit of it. He caused it.i cant even stand the site of him. I wanna puke everytime i see him.and harris is right behind him. There will come a time when they both have targets on their backs. America can not survive with the 3 stooges on charge. That would be nosey pelosi, harris and biden. The american people can take only so much of them and one bad day for the 3 stooges will end.its called history. An old story where citizen have it so bad from their leaders that they revolt. And that wont be a good day for the 3 stooges either. Somethings gonna give and when it does it will change the entire lifestyles of americans. If your a religious person i would start praying. I know i am.

    3. From what I see every day, I think that every American needs to protect him or her self from criminals. If some thug wants to break into my home or carjack me I won’t be calling 911 for protection I will need them to bring the meat wagon to pick up the vermin.

    4. When the Rich call for Police protection, turn them down. We do not have the Resources anymore to protect you. You are on your own. Call the Mayor and the Governor. Maybe they can protect you.

    5. I agree 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

    6. u people are clueless ! the cops for years have been violating civil rights , framing innocent people , killing un armed people , planting evidence , stealing from dead and living people , falsifying police reports that get people thrown in jail .. killing kids , grandmas and innocent pets !! and u people have the nerve to say stand up for these criminals !? how about getting rid of qualified immunity which allows ALL elected and non elected officials to kill and harm with NO liability or accountability !! how reducing the police unions powers so that bad cops can be gotten rid of cause as it is now the union gets their jobs back when the police cheifs and everyone else wants them gone cause they do bad things and cost the department and the tax payers millions of dollars !! what a bunch of cop suckers here !!! and i voted for trump !!

      1. You are one of biggest moron’s on earth. Police have a very rough job. There are rotten police of course but that’s only .5%.
        You see everything in a very myopic vision, you have a built in hate for the police so no matter what I say or can prove you’re going to continue to see things in a screwed up way.
        I can take it you don’t know any police officer’s or anyone in law enforcement I do and they’ll do whatever you’d squirm away from.
        Your view is based on all those movie’s that show how some officer’s may change things but over all the 99.5% DO NOT. You’re probably projecting on thing’s you yourself would do.
        WAKE UP!

      2. Why not get rid of all humans? As long as your lumping a few bad cops into all police we have NO HOPE!!! We kill, we rape, we steal, we are all lost if We lump everyone together like you do!!!! Good bye world!!!

    7. This seems to be. Be the normal in a lot of blue states.I feel so sorry for our officers today. I would not take their jobs. Much to dangerous..Watch your back out there.And Thank Those who are trying to keep all the “Good “Americans ” safe. May “Jesus Walk”with you brothers and sisters in arms. Your in my prayers. From Tennessee.

  1. Get rid of your Mayor,& the governor. Also that other nut job AOC. Maybe then your problems might get solved…….

    1. Great idea but how do you do that? Unless we change the law we can’t even shoot them in the foot because it is always in their mouth. Head shots don’t count even when shooting at the foot. LoL Seriously New York and other cities like it run by democrats have voted themselves into this problem and I can’t feel sorry for them. A large majority still stand behind those lunatics so they are getting what they deserve.

  2. All these shootings and they have very strict gun control laws. If gun control takes over the country these things would be multiplies in huge incidences. we’d probly see shootings increase in thousands percent. Imagine that. Gun control doesn’t stop shootings.

    1. How did we get this way?Democrats is how.
      I wouldnt vote for a Democrap if to put a gun to my head

  3. Could this possibly be a clue to union geniuses to quit donating funds to incompetent democrat candidates.

  4. Ah, going back to the wild west days are we? That will help with population reduction since the citizens didn’t have any rules they had to follow. When you killed the criminal, you were a hero, saving the town; not a racist killing innocent black folks (even though the police kill more whites than blacks – the left doesn’t care about facts).

    1. You are correct , Police kill more whites than black !!!! Do your research instead of listening to dem hacks!!! Killing white men does not fit the dimwits agenda!!!! If you break the law all bets are off!!!!

  5. Who in there right mind would want to go to NY! SLUM CITY—THANKS TO THE DEMONCRAPS ***
    BLM to me stands for Black Lives MURDER,Antifa,Marxist or whoever want to kill people should stand with the police with ALL THE LOWLIFE THUGS THEY HAVE TO PUT UP WITH. I SUPPORT THE POLICE 100%—they risk there lives to protect us. Need to do away with the LOWLIFE SCUM.
    Need to clean the TRASH ON THE STREETS.

    1. I agree. I lived in Maryland all my life until the last 12 years and I’m 74 1/2 years young and NEVER have been near NY SH!T HOLE !

  6. WOW! As long as the liberals commies have their own security protection they are not going to care a rats butt about you or anyone else. They have no common sense and think gun control will stop all this violence. That seems to be working pretty good so far doesn’t it. It is a sad state when the leaders don’t care about anyone except themselves. I agree with everyone else, when worse comes to worse start shooting them to protect yourself. We need the police to help protect everyone as well as themselves. You shoot at a cop he should be able to shoot back at you no questions asked. Kill or be killed..

  7. The inmates are running the asylum. Can we put targets on their backs so they don’t shoot us? This is insanity like the rest of the lefts agenda.

  8. WOW! As long as the liberals commies have their own security protection they are not going to care a rats butt about you or anyone else. They have no common sense and think gun control will stop all this violence. That seems to be working pretty good so far doesn’t it. It is a sad state when the leaders don’t care about anyone except themselves. I agree with everyone else, when worse comes to worse start shooting them to protect yourself. We need the police to help protect everyone as well as themselves. You shoot at a cop he should be able to shoot back at you no questions asked. Kill or be killed..No this is NOT a duplicate.

  9. Well what else did the left expect you defund the police and crime goes up you do not have to be a genius to see what would happen

  10. It doesn’t take a very intelligent person to know that no law means anarchy. Liberals can’t seem to see past the end of their nose. Stop electing liberals to positions in government. This does NOT work. Take a responsible mentality towards elections & let’s get out country back. Get the crazies out!!!!

  11. Time to flush that toilet of a city. You wanted it and you got it… when you go way overboard on the protest to rioting it is time to stop it… looting, burning your neighborhood is not the way to protest. Only ones who think all cops are bad are, of course the poor criminals.. don’t run, get rid of the lame i was scared. Most would have gotton miminal or no charges…

  12. Is anybody surprised ; what till they get to the leaders homes will see than , i under stand waters demanded police protection before she went to the help the rioters ; they won’t be laughing than
    They haven’t seen anything yet this might be the way there planing to have martial law so they can do want they want
    Don’t be surprised desecrates plan it all

  13. The left needs to lead by example, by cutting police and security by the same margins they are advocating across the country at the White House and for their own personal protection

  14. I feel sorry for some of the people in N.Y.C. All can’t be bad but you get what you vote for in this old world. I think they might get ten fold in return and this ain’t good. When you vote the crooks into office what do you idiots expect.

  15. The people in charge of the police need to put their employees on strike and see what will happen. Stop cow towing to these Democrats and grow a set and let’s see how the American people can do without police protection! They need to be taught a lesson! How stupid are you haters? Obviously, very!

  16. I know there are some ignorant people everywhere that voted for Biden and the other scum we have running the country now. They did get what they deserve. The problem is the people who voted against them are in the same boat. They didn’t ask for this but are having to cope with the same problems as the people who did vote for it. All the people in NYC and around the country are having the same problem. Whether you voted for these idiots or not, you are having to live with it the same as the people who voted for it. About all you can do is move away from these hell holes if you can. I know some people can’t and I really feel sorry for them.

  17. These weirdos are so f’n stupid it is unreal. I have said it before and will say it again: let these idiots defund the police and this country can go back to Vigilante law and we WILL clean up the whole damned mess in just a few short days.

  18. I can’t believe that we allowed a handful of idiots to get the “Defund the Police” trend going. What’s worse is that too many Political idiots jumped on the bandwagon and started taking action even though the officials were letting criminals go free without bail. What did they think was going to happen? Did they think that all was fine now and the criminals would play nice? Any 5th grader would know that crime would spike and people would die, but not some of our brilliant elected officials. We, the People, could have stopped this in it’s tracks, but we didn’t. Someone might call us an ugly name, while our loved ones and homes became a target for the increased crime rate. These people in blue might have a bad apple every now and then, but they deserve our utmost respect for their dedication to us. Without them, there is nothing between the bad guy and you. Many of our elected officials don’t seem to care about our safety and well being, as they hire security to protect their corrupt tails. Next time you see a cop, thank him/her for their service.

  19. Reduce funding to police, have fewer arrests, no bail get out of jail free actions by the attornies, judges that do not sentence people. What can you expect? Watch what you wish for, as you may get it and now you are paying the price for what you wanted.

  20. Through defunding the police, no bail and revolving doors in jails, and releasing inmates from prisons (can’t let them get covid! Even though they have let 100’s of 1000’s of covid infected people cross our border), Democrats have created a war on law abiding, innocent people & their families.
    While the law abiding have been denied their 2nd amendment rights in Democrat dystopias, through illegal infringements on their rights, many innocent people have been robbed, raped, and murdered, because they couldn’t protect themselves from criminals…who, no matter what you do, are still going to have guns.
    Democrats hate law abiding, gun owning, American Citizens because, we are the only thing standing between them, and absolute power…and we all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  21. These incidents are caused by laws that prevent people from owning and/or possessing guns for their protection. It is also caused by self-centered ungodly leaders, whose soul purpose is to rule over those who disagree with their agendas. I visited New York twice as a youth and both times I came away with a disgust and sadness that has remained with me all my days. I am sure many of those who live in this city are good people, but to allow these actions to take place, leave me thinking that maybe this is exactly what they want. In any case, it is the people who make conditions livable and not the politicians. It is sad that many forget that this government, regardless of where it is at, is of the people, by the people and for the people. Get some courage an remove the evil from among you and put your trust in God.

  22. When you have a do nothing mayor and a governor who only cares about who’s pants he can get into what else would you expect,the sad part is the people of NY will still continue to elect Demonrats into office

  23. The real increase in crime comes from “no bail” procedures where after arrest criminals get turned loose on the streets again after a brief appearance before a judge. Its total insanity.

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