NYC bodega worker accused of murder attempted to defuse conflict, video reveals

Observers from across the country were outraged last week when a worker at a Manhattan bodega was charged with murder and initially held on $500,000 bail simply for defending himself against a violent attack from a customer, and according to newly revealed evidence, the accused clerk actually attempted to defuse the confrontation prior to its escalation, as the New York Post reports.

According to new video taken from inside the store, bodega worker Jose Alba tried to tamp down the inflamed passions of Austin Simon, who died of stab wounds inflicted once the encounter escalated beyond control, leading to the murder charges that were ultimately filed by controversial liberal district attorney, Melvin Bragg.

Reports indicate that Alba and Simon’s girlfriend had a previous encounter in which her purchase of a bag of chips was declined due to insufficient funds on the electronic benefits card she attempted to use, prompting the woman to angrily vow that someone would return on her behalf and “f**k you up.”

True to the woman’s word, Simon returned to the store to confront Alba, wasting no time before walking behind the counter to address him directly. “What’s up with you? N****r what is wrong with you?”

An earlier version of released video showed Simon pushing Alba backwards into a chair before a tussle broke out between the two that ended in the latter stabbing the former in self defense.

New footage, however, has revealed that before things became heated to the point of no return, Alba did his best to alleviate the tension, saying, “Papa, I don’t want a problem, papa.”

Though New York City Mayor Eric Adams voiced support for Alba last week, saying, “My heart goes out for this hard-working, honest New Yorker that was doing his job in his place of business, where a person came in and went behind the counter and attacked him,” he has also said he will not “second guess” Bragg’s charging decision in the case.

Someone who had no trouble whatsoever calling the New York D.A. out for his egregious decision was Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who explained, according to the Daily Caller, “The message that Bragg sent was clear to everyone watching. And it was this: If the criminal who assaults you is a member of a favored group, you don’t have the right to fight back, you may not defend yourself. You must take whatever he gives you because thugs have more rights than you do.”

“A healthy society celebrates and venerates men like Jose Alba,” Carlson added. “Men with jobs and families. Men with independence and dignity. Above all, a health society affirms the right of men like this to self-defense,” and given the additional facts revealed in the latest video footage from the fatal incident, that right was precisely what Alba justifiably asserted.