NY Post columnist says VP Harris was ‘elevated above her ability’ as Biden’s running mate

At one point, asking whether or not Vice President Kamala Harris was qualified to hold the office was nothing more than a partisan attack. But in the wake of her 11 months of failures, gaffes, and a perpetual exodus of top-level staffers, the question means something entirely different now.

According to Fox News, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine is taking a serious look at Harris and her actual ability to perform the duties required of the vice presidency, even going as far as suggesting that Harris was “elevated above her ability” when Biden announced her as his running mate in 2020.

As many have suggested before, Devine believes Harris was purely selected for the job based on her gender and skin color, saying both attributes check off the boxes of radical, progressive Democrats’ identity requirements for officeholders in the new age of “wokeness.”

“The problem is she really was elevated above her ability. She was chosen by Joe Biden not because of her quality of her work or her intellect,” Devin said during a recent Fox News interview.

She added: “It was because she was a woman — and she was a woman of color. And that puts her in a bad position. And it puts America in a terrible position.”

Devine, the author of a new book called Laptop From Hell, warned that Harris’ performance issues, and the constant leaks from current and former staffers that she’s a toxic, abusive boss, raise national security questions, given she’s literally a breath away from running the country.

“The president himself is 78 years old. So you want your vice president to be ready to lead. She can’t even lead her own office. These reports have been coming in a steady drumbeat for months, actually,” Devine said.

In a separate Fox report, contributor Joe Concha described Harris’ section of the White House as a “sinking ship” after the exit of her top adviser, Symone Sanders.

“I guess when your boss’ approval ratings are at 28% and she’s polling even lower on her number one job, the U.S. southern border where migrants continue to flow over, two million passing over this year. I guess I would leave too, because this is a sinking ship,” Concha said.