Numbers show Americans oppose impeachment

Once again, the Democrats are squandering their advantage.

After rioters stormed the capital, the Democrats had the advantage and they used it, plastering images of anti-police violence all over the airwaves to a shocked American public. It was a bad look for most Americans, and if they’d have left it alone, it would have been a serious problem for Trump and the Republican party for years to come.

It’s still a bad look, but the Dems are doing their best to help Americans forget it by extremism of their own. First and foremost, they’re pursuing a vengeful policy of purges and impeachment, which is pure revenge, especially considering that Trump is leaving office in a few days.

Americans can see right through it, and they don’t like it at all. Take a look at the numbers.

Impeaching Trump to appease the fake outrage of media organizations and Democrats that incited riots all summer is not only cowardly, but it’s also suicidal.

And what about “healing?”