Numbers are in – the polls were irretrievably wrong, and someone should pay

Victor Davis Hanson writes for National Review:

A CNN poll had Trump down 12 percentage points nationally entering the final week before the election. An ABC News/Washington Post poll in late October claimed Biden was leading in Wisconsin by 17 points. That state’s voting ended up nearly even. YouGov’s election model showed Biden prevailing with a landslide win in the Electoral College. Progressive statistics guru Nate Silver had for weeks issued pseudo-scientific analyses of a Trump wipeout.

Pollsters were widely wrong in 2016. Yet they learned nothing about their flawed methodologies. So how do they remain credible after 2020, when most were wildly off again?

A cynic might answer that polling no longer aims to offer scientific assessments of voter intentions.

Pollsters, the vast majority of them progressives, have become political operatives. They see their task as ginning up political support for their candidates and demoralizing the opposition. Some are profiteering as internal pollsters for political campaigns and special interests.

Never again will Americans believe these “mainstream” pollsters’ predictions because they have been exposed as rank propagandists.

The pollsters are already full of excuses, and the talking heads on CNN are making excuses for them. But Americans have been burned twice, in 2016 and 2020, and I have an idea that they won’t be so easily fooled again.

Hanson points out that “while these elite cadres have enormous resources, they still are relatively unpopular. Despite being outspent 2 to 1, pronounced doomed by pollsters, often censored on social media, and demonized in print and on television, Trump was neck and neck with Biden — a fact that a few days ago was deemed impossible.”

The key for Republicans is first, to fight back, and hard. The second is to remember. Never let the memory of the 2020 fraud die. And when the time comes, whether it’s in a week or a year or even four years, give the elites a beating they won’t forget.