North Carolina Supreme Court delays primaries over two lawsuits alleging “Gerrymandering”

The North Carolina Supreme Court has put a temporary hold on the state’s primaries while the court reviews two lawsuits alleging “gerrymandering” in North Carolina’s congressional districts. 

Campaign filing has been suspended, and the March primaries will likely be delayed while the lawsuits are being sorted out.

It is possible that the two-month delay in the primaries could significantly impact the outcome of those races. That assumes the Supreme Court doesn’t make significant changes to Congressional districts.

Representative Destin Hall (R), chair of the House Redistricting Committee, and a handful of other Republicans, are plaintiffs in one of the lawsuits.

Representative Hall responded to the lawsuit by saying the redistricting process had been “the most transparent process in the history of this state. We voluntarily chose to be out in public and not use election data, even though by law we didn’t have to do that.”

Regardless of how transparent the process was, all parties would never have been satisfied with the outcome.

North Carolina Republicans have protested the court’s decision citing its unusual and unprecedented timing. This situation will be one to keep an eye on going into the 2022 midterm elections, which promises to be historically contentious.