North Carolina man shot in his car during execution of search warrant

Andrew Brown Jr. was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy in Elizabeth City, North Carolina on Wednesday during the execution of a warrant on his home, according to Fox News

Deputies from the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office were at Brown’s residence to conduct a search of his Perry Street home around 8:30 a.m. local time, according to Sheriff Tommy Wooten II’s comments during a Wednesday afternoon news conference

The name of the deputy involved in the shooting has yet to be released, but according to WAVY-TV 10 News, Brown was in his car at the time of the shooting.

Witnesses told reporters that Brown climbed into his vehicle and was attempting to feel the scene when the deputy shot and killed him. However, Police did not inform the media whether Brown was armed, or why they were searching his home.

It has been reported by Fox that The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the shooting, which will doubtless be made easier by the fact that the officer involved was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting. 

District Attorney Andrew Womble commented on the shooting, saying that the State Bureau of Investigation probe would be thorough and “will not be a rush to judgment.”

While Wooten declined to say how many shots were fired during the event, he did say that the officer who shot Brown was placed on administrative leave, pending the results of the investigation.

Pasquotank County NAACP chapter president Keith Rivers called for an independent investigation, slamming the sheriff’s office for the time it took to release details, despite a crowd gathering at the time of the actual event:

“When is it going to stop? We just got a verdict yesterday,” Rivers told The Associated Press in a phone interview, seeming to reference the guilty verdict Tuesday in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. “Is it open season now? At some point, it has to stop. We have to start holding the people in charge accountable.”

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  1. If you want this to stop you first need to hold the criminals accountable then maybe you won’t have to hold the police accountable.

  2. Maybe if fewer Black folks got into threatening confrontations with police there would be fewer police shootings. It seems very rare that police shoot anyone for no reason. Stay out of trouble and there is very little chance of a police shooting.

  3. If only our MEDIA and POLITICIANS would start encouraging the public to do as the Police tell you, and don’t run, thing’s will not escalate into someone getting killed.

  4. A certain segment of our population appears to feel very entitled and they seem to think they are above the law! The Democratic Party Delusion is pushing this!!

  5. It is past time for we the people to take back our country as it is being decimated by corrupt, power crazy, evil politicians! There is some racism in every race and country. Always has been going back to biblical times. Being a child of the 50’s l can
    unequivocally say we are not a systemic racist country in today’s America and those promoting that lie are disgusting! My understanding is actually that America is the least racist country period! We do not want another civil war but some seem hell-bent on starting one!

  6. i love ppl…hate to see is kind of thing going on?…where is our good hearts???whatever happened to really caring about ur fellow human??…fellow person..personal caring and thru concernment???..ppl have lost respect for human lives!!……….effin sad…..STIKKIRIKKI69.’……….

  7. The solution to this is so simple & obvious, even Bite-me could figure it out! Don’t resist arrest, don’t flee, & you won’t get shot! If you’re that stupid, don’t blame someone else for where the chips may fall!

  8. When is it going to stop, Rivers?? It will stop when the criminal activity that requires officer involvement, and the failure of the law-breakers to follow simple, direct instructions, stop! When will there be such an outcry by the Black Lives (don’t really) Matter (to them) rioters and looters?? Parents, teach your children to be good people, and to obey laws and rules there for their own benefit, and stay in their lives! And teach them to have pride in themselves, and to be proud of America, and to work and earn what they need and want. That — and ONLY that — will put a stop to all this madness! THAT is when it will stop!

  9. Well, it will stop when bad people stop doing bad things. Stop blaming the police for people putting themselves in bad situations. 1 -5% of cops are bad, shouldn’t be on the force. 90 -95% are trying to make a difference and support a family, just like everyone.

  10. The law is the law ironically the cops are only bad if they shoot a black Person blm ✊🏿 Is a bunch of people looking for a reason to be a thug ie steeling killing hurting others they need to give it a rest they want respect well
    Respect is earned

  11. The police can and do shoot if someone is trying to flee. As it is considered an indication of guilt.

  12. Absolutely right. Everything is racist. Do not bother to look at any of the facts. That might provoke a look at what actually happened. This is becoming beyond ridiculous.

  13. The solution is simple, but likely beyond the comprehension of some folks, “if you don’t want to get shot don’t give the police a reason to shoot.”

    1. Who says they are worried?? They are itching to put the tens of thousands of plastic coffins their leader Barrie has stockpiled!!

  14. BLM is a bunch of racist bastards getting rich off the backs of innocent people both black and white who need to be removed from society forever!!

    1. I would say Charles Manson would like to be around he and the devil is dancing the devil and Manson is on the way helter skelter oooohhhhh.hahahahahahqhqha

  15. When are we going to stsrt agsin holding these crimonals fully resposible offiers are being killed and no one is lifting them up brcause they gave up their lives protecting us.I am sick of all of this crap.

    1. I agree. It has to stop. They are adults hold those that break the law responsible. A friend called police shooting a black person is a lottery winning situation. I am beginning to think the same.

    1. Absolutely that’s what I keep saying these two black men that just got shot and choves got convicted all they had to do was just get in the car and they would be alive today

    2. You are absolutely correct.
      If I break the law. I all comes down to the person who broke the law. The police won’t have to do anything if you obey the laws.
      Do you really think our law enforcement personnel really want to end the life of anyone. NO they don’t.
      How many of our law enforcement personnel are injured, maimed and killed everyday.
      IT SHOULD be ALM. ( all life matters)…..not BLM.
      “If you don’t want to die, COMPLY”

      Much more needs to be said….I don’t that much time.
      GOD is the way to salvation.

      1. It appears that people now are going to try anything to get the police to fire their gun so they can make a big fuss about it. Police only fire guns when deemed necessary as a rule. There have been incidents where that didn’t hold true but they are rare and will be dealt with according to the law. We can’t have police with their hands tied behind their backs.

    1. They ask when is this going to stop. The police officer performed his duty. It will stop when the criminals stop committing crimes. Which will be never. I dont care what color of skin you have if you break the law and refuse to comply with the police officers then thats your choice. But then they have a duty to Protect and Serve. Thats exactly what they did. Im sick tp death of this race card being played every time there is a black person shot or killed. These people were committing a crime. They refused to comply. This is the result.
      As far as Im am concerned this terrorism that is going on in our country right now has to stop. Its a good thing Im not writing the laws because Id put into force. If the dont comply shoot to kill and I dont care if they are purple.

      1. Amen… if they don’t comply the police have every right to stop the criminal by whatever means they trained to do.
        there wasn’t racism in this country till a few years when Obama brought it back into the picture now it is exploding and getting out control.
        if this keeps the police will no longer be able to protect anyone or investigate any crime committed by person white, green, purple, orange, black or brown..

    2. This blm junk they are just waiting for someone to do something dont matter what is it has already started and when this goes down the way I think it will they will turn on the white people that are floating around with them they will turn and kill a few of them trash minds in front of the news on tv them lost little children you dont mix when you trying to start a race WAR this will happen around July 4.i had a dream???.

    3. I totally agree. I’m sick of these people crying racial discrimination. They don’t want equality with the white population, they want to be placed on a pedestal and be the ‘superior race’.

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