‘Nobody’ in the West Wing is contesting possibility of Buttigieg replacing Harris in 2024

While the White House, in recent days, has all but insisted that President Joe Biden, 79, will make another run in 2024, Capitol Hill insiders and other political analysts don’t appear to be putting any money on that prospect, as his administration continues to take losses.

In an eye-popping report from Business Insider, while Vice President Kamala Harris would normally be the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in 2024 should Biden step aside, new chatter has emerged that Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is possibly being groomed for the opening. 

According to Politico, “nobody” in the West Wing is clapping back on the new chatter, which tends to suggest that more people inside the White House are doubtful that Harris could mount a respectable challenge to a Republican competitor.

“Nobody in the West Wing shuts that down,” an insider with knowledge of the situation reportedly told Politico. “It’s very open.”

Not surprisingly, there are some White House staffers, presumably outside of the West Wing, who believe picking Buttigieg, a white male, is not the best move in today’s super-woke, pick-candidates-based-on-skin-color atmosphere.

Of course, they conveniently must have forgotten that Buttigieg is an openly-gay male, which should satisfy at least a portion of the woke Democratic Party base. But these days, it seems to be all about race and gender, and nothing else.

However, Politico noted that reportedly some of Buttigieg’s staffers have expressed concerns over his possible nomination, given how important the Black vote is for Democratic candidates, especially at the White House level.

Buttigieg was recently asked if there was tension between him and Harris’ office, which of course he brushed off in his reply.

“No, because she and I are part of a team that is disciplined and doesn’t focus on what’s obsessing the commentators. We’re too busy with a job to do. She, as the leader in this administration, with her leadership role, and I, and the president, and everybody else in the cabinet and across the administration, are laser-focused on getting the job done.”