Nikole Hannah-Jones slams Ted Cruz for raising CRT during SCOTUS confirmation hearing

During a panel discussion this weekend, far-left founder of the controversial 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones took aim at Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), attacking the lawmaker for raising the subject of critical race theory (CRT) during the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, as Fox News reports.

Hannah-Jones’ comments came during an appearance at the National Antiracist Book Festival held at Boston University, when the author suggested that Cruz had “no reason” to question President Joe Biden’s nominee for the high court about her positions on the subject that prompted heated national debate in recent months.

Of specific concern to Hannah-Jones was Cruz’s query during the confirmation hearing, in which he asked Jackson whether she was in agreement with CRT proponent Ibram X Kendi’s book Antiracist Baby.

Kendi, notably, has argued in his writing and public speeches that racial discrimination, if pursued in order to foster what he feels is an equitable outcome, is actually antiracist, and should not be discouraged.

Pressing Jackson for her take on the sort of sentiments expressed by Kendi, Cruz asked, “Do you agree with [the premise of Antiracist Baby] that is being taught to kids that babies are racist?”

In response, Jackson suggested that she has “never studied critical race theory” and “never used it,” despite the fact that, as the Daily Wire recently noted, Jackson has specifically praised leaders of the CRT movement, including the late Derrick Bell, in public speeches delivered as recently as 2020.

Discussing the aforementioned confirmation hearing, Hannah-Jones slammed Cruz over his line of questioning, saying, “It reveals a danger…how dangerous of a period we are in right now, because there’s no reason that that should have been brought up and it had nothing to do with the hearing.”

Hannah-Jones also accused the Texas senator of “trying to provoke a base” and alleged that his “targeting” could “lead to violence, like actual violence.”

Despite the objections of Hannah-Jones, whose own work is notoriously riddled with errors, misrepresentations, and outright falsehoods, millions of Americans are grateful to Cruz for believing that the citizenry had a right to know more about the true philosophies guiding someone poised for a lifetime seat on the highest court in the land.