Nikki Haley says she will not seek White House in 2024 if Trump decides to run

Though speculation about the presidential field for the next election cycle has already begun, one notable potential contender is reportedly waiting for a key piece of information before formally throwing her hat in the ring.

According to Breitbart, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told reporters on Monday that she would not launch a bid for the 2024 Republican nomination if former President Donald Trump decides to run himself.

During an event in South Carolina, Haley was asked by a reporter from the Associated Press whether she would support a Trump candidacy, should he decide to mount one, and she responded in the affirmative, adding, “I would not run if President Trump ran, and I would talk to him about it. That’s something we’ll have a conversation about at some point, if that decision is something that has to be made.”

The former ambassador also touted the “great working relationship” she had with Trump during his tenure in the Oval Office, saying, “I thought we did some fantastically great foreign policy things together, and look, I want to just keep building on what we accomplished and not let it get torn down.”

Haley’s comments come on the heels of events which led to speculation of a serious rift with the former president, including remarks made in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots in which she told Politico that Trump “let [Republicans] down,” and “we shouldn’t have followed him and we shouldn’t have listened to him.” Reports subsequently emerged that Trump later declined a request from Haley for an in-person meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Since leaving Washington, the former president has weighed in on a number of hot button political issues including the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis and the decision by Major League Baseball to pull its All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of Georgia’s election integrity law, in what some see as signs that he has no intention of departing the public stage anytime soon.

Indeed, the former president has seemingly taken delight in teasing his possible return to the presidential stakes, telling the crowd at February’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), “Who knows? I may even decide to beat them for a third time,” in an apparent reference to mounting another campaign for the White House.

While Trump’s ultimate decision on whether to seek another term in the Oval Office remains unknown, the fundraising success of his Save America PAC is a strong indicator of his desire to at the very least play something of a kingmaking role within the GOP. According to Fox News, the PAC already has $85 million cash on hand in advance of the pivotal 2022 midterm elections, which will almost certainly be used to recruit and support Republican candidates in line with Trump’s own policy positions.

Haley’s reluctance to enter the 2024 electoral fray until Trump’s intentions are known is a telling acknowledgment that the outsize influence retained by the former president among conservative voters continues to be a force with which all potential Republican hopefuls must carefully reckon.

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        1. I be thinkin that Pelosi is holding that for when do nothing Kamala becomes VP. Let me splain it to ya. Pelosi can feel the presidency in her grasp. I be thinin thaty she was supposed to retire in 2016 but with the Oval Office so close (but yet so far) she be stickin around. That’s if she doesn’t get burned for inside tradinig.

    1. Haley could never win southern states for any elected office. Her perfidy in SC insured that. Pres. Trump YES! Haley Never.

    2. This projected possibility is far ahead of what We have now by far, Sleepy Joe and Jezebel. Sleepy Joe has overturned Mr. Trumps Policies Big Time in just 80 days. ——-Craig

  1. Consider the prospect of Donald Trump running for the House of Representatives from a district in Florida . Promote a program to take over the House and Senate in 2022 > If Trump has the support of the GOP then he could become Speaker of the House . 2022 to 2024 could go a long way to on returning that branch of Congress to support the American citizens and our Nation .(better than waiting until 2024 ) because by then it will be too late.. He may be a better Speaker than a one term President in 2024 !

  2. She doesn’t stand a chance with the GOP after what she said about TRUMP after the January 6 riot. Her RINO came through. Can’t undo it. Of course he won’t talk to her and probably never will. Niki can’t back pedal this one.

  3. Trump 2024 that is if we still have the right to VOTE after the SWAMP CREATURE DEMOCRATS PACK THE SUPREME COURT!
    They will take away all of OUR RIGHT’S!

    1. Only if the citizens let them. Remember what is written in the Constitution Democrats cannot just abolish that or the Bill of Rights. This is why they were written that way, to stop what the Dems are suggesting.

  4. Trump for president in 2024 ——Biden ,needs to be put in the street he’s a joke to our country–Trump did a great job and we need him back in the white house as our president.

  5. Well maybe she and THE REAL PRESIDENT GJT, should run for congress and or senate, but I’d like to see biden and his ho ans soros-obama-clinton, put in jail on treason, and bring back The 45th to the white house.

  6. Haley betrayed Trump when she took the side of the leftists on the riot in DC Jan 6. She has lost trust. She will change her mind in a NY minute and imo is not worthy of the White House.

  7. Recall she trashed Trump after her UN duties or leaving UN post then
    another RINO
    Sorry No
    Hey what if Trump choose who he wants in White House?
    U Lose Haley

  8. I just want to state my opinion. Number one I like and respect Nikki Haley. But I will NOT vote to put a woman in the White House, except as First Lady. My abhorrence has gotten stronger over the years by exposure to people like pisslosi, aoc, maxine waters, tahlib, omar, rodeo clown, abrams. And yes Everyone of them are not capitalized purposely, not one of them deserves in my opinion the courtesy or respect of proper capitalization that I give to those who have earned it.

  9. Would NEVER vote for Haley. She gave in to remove the Stars and Bars flag in NC. She has no backbone, just a huge mouth and she’s cagey as a fox. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I can throw the Empire State Building.

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