NFL tight end highlights pro-life advocacy group during Week 13 charity campaign

The Biden administration has made no secret of its commitment to making abortion on demand a permanent facet of American life, and as such, the decision by prominent NFL tight end Jacob Hollister to highlight a pro-life charity surely comes as a frustrating blow to the president.

As the Daily Wire reports, during Week 13 of the professional football league’s season, players are afforded the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the charities of their choice by wearing customized cleats depicting their selected organization’s mission.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the causes chosen by Jackson Jaguars team members included education, cancer research, military appreciation, autism awareness, and more, but one athlete made a choice that was somewhat unexpected in a professional sports environment that has been trending leftward for years.

Team standout Hollister named pro-life group Live Action as his featured charity and displayed a pair of cleats emblazoned with the words “Love Them Both” and images of an expectant mother with an unborn child.

Hollister made a video declaring his charity selection, and in it, he explained his belief that pregnant women as well as their unborn children are to be equally valued and that children in the womb are not afforded a say in whether they will be allowed to enter the world.

The anti-abortion organization reported that Hollister also said, “I don’t think a baby’s life is more valuable than the mother’s or a mother’s life more valuable than the baby’s. Both have equal worth and demand equal protection – the only difference is the baby doesn’t have a choice. I’m thankful and happy to support Live Action who gives those babies a voice.”

Hollister was also quoted as saying, “There’s a lot of different reasons why I decided to support [Live Action]. To be honest, at first, I was really hesitant to do it. Not because I am afraid of any confrontation or any arguments around the subject, it’s really just because I fear that anybody who feels differently than I do about it would feel anything but love from me.”

Live Action was clearly thrilled to receive the high-profile endorsement, lauding in a press release the sports star’s decision to “showcase his support for women and the lives of preborn children” with his Week 13 involvement.

“The world needs more athletes like Jacob Hollister who are willing to stand up for the basic human rights of the preborn on his vital platform, said Live Action’s president and founder, Lila Rose, echoing a sentiment certainly shared by millions of Americans, football fans or not.