Next move: Mike Pence joins Heritage Foundation

Mike Pence just announced his next career move, and no it’s not that he’s going to run for President.

According to Fox:

Former Vice President Mike Pence is joining the Heritage Foundation, one of the oldest and most influential think tanks in the conservative movement.

The Thursday announcement by Heritage comes a day after the former vice president launched an office and comes ahead of what are expected to be announcements on more affiliations and the likely setting up of a political and policy fundraising committee.

The Heritage Foundation is a good place for Pence, who has always been more comfortable with policy than retail-level politics. That’s one of the reasons that he was a good foil for President Trump, who loved the rallies and more public-facing element of the president’s job.

Heritage played a crucial policy role in the Trump administration. Heritage president Kay C. James says that “over the course of the past four years, our team at Heritage has worked closely with members of the Trump administration on a host of policy accomplishments.”

Pence is not backing down about being proud of his time in the Trump administration. “@Heritage helped shape my conservative philosophy for decades and played a pivotal role advancing conservative policies throughout the Trump Administration, he says.

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  1. Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was seeking this particular info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.|

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t want to see him at the Heritage Foundation because I feel he betrayed the President when he could have prevented him from losingth election I think he should go back home and startall over again. I know about the Heritage Foundation and I don’t recommend it = I know Kay James and she is marvelous as a leader – he’s not up toher caliber.

  3. Lost all respect for Pence
    He is a RINO, coward or part of deep state traitor – pick one all bad.
    No further donation for Heritage Foundation probably now run by lincoln project refugees.

  4. Pence is the biggest RINO I know. After he stabbed President Trump and counted fraudulent electoral college votes for King Biden after the 01 06 21 count. There were 4 swing states that asked for their certifications back because they were not signed by the legislatures per our Constitution. He didn’t do it because they were going to resend them in for Trump. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO he had to push the vote thru for King Biden. FYI a “mandate” is not a “law”. People please understand you can’t be arrested by not doing a “mandate”. Food for Thought. 🙂

  5. Mike Pence is a God fearing man. And regardless of what you think, he did the only thing he could do on 1/6/21!! It wasn’t his decision to call the election. I’m sure that VP Pence is at peace with his soul, knowing that he did the proper thing, and that he will sleep well each night knowing that

  6. Oh well. Another organization that I will no longer be supporting. I hope the Heritage Foundation will re-think this position.

  7. I think he is a disgrace to this country! I also believe he is two faced. The week of he electoral vote over said cry some reps asked him to wait but no. He is also in with the swamp. We have ever up setting thoughts about this. No trust

  8. VP Pence did not stab Pres. Trump on the 6th. He had no authority to do other than what he did. We all wanted him to do more , but legally he could not. the DEMS can’t keep doing all these illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL things without it catching up to them. If you things right you do not have to keep looking over your shoulder in fear of being found out. They are so IN FEAR they have fenced themselves in. It’s just a matter of time!!!

  9. He was such a supporter of Trump while he was president. He hasn’t said, but I would like to know. What influenced his decision on Jan. 6? Was he threatened? was he bribed ? What ever it was, it damaged the election process for years to come.

  10. You go where you need to go, Judas.
    Word of advise, don’t spend all of your 13 pieces of silver all in one place!
    Better yet…. I know where you really need to go.
    Sure ain’t up!

  11. Pence is a rhino and betrayed the American People and our beloved President. I will not donate to any of his causes nor his campaign if he has the guts to show up. Go to the basement Mike.

  12. Gee, I had always hoped he would become my Dominos Pizza delivery guy. Guess I’ll just have to wait for Mitch Mcconnell or AOC instead!😁

  13. Mike Pence, is an extraordinary Christian! He was supportive of the President whether he agreed with him or not! Loyalty is a true display of character!

  14. Mike Pence, is an extraordinary Christian! He was was supportive of the President whether he agreed with him or not! Loyalty is a true display of character!

  15. Thanks Mike but Biden (Faud) will help another Republican win next election. We just have to wait for it let’s hope he doesn’t Destroy America to bad.

  16. Mike Pence will never deserve nor receive any redemption from the American people, until he acknowledges the role he willingly played in the biggest election fraud in the history of the USA, and makes amends by devoting his talents to never allowing it to happen again!

    Karen Pence has revealed her ‘true nature:’ self-centered, hypocritical, low-IQ, insincere, materialistic, and ‘2-face!’

    As was written on a Babylonian wall millennia ago, ‘You have been found wanting!’

    1. Do you practice being an insulting idiot or does it come naturally. First—you sure as heck do not speak for Americans. Second if you have all these generic BS claims, be specific so we can see how foolish you are. Biden was a loyalist period. When asked to break the rules, he said no.

      1. I said Biden meaning Pence. I wish Trump cared for his party other than just himself so we could have saved Ga. This JasCam is a generic bag of hot air!!

  17. Pence, you let us down at the end, I like the Heritage Foundation and hopefully you will learn What/How mistakes you made and return to help GOP win back Americans trust!!

  18. May the Lord bless you as you go forth in your future endeavors. Remember to always keep Jesus first and continue to remains strong in Him. You were truly a representative of Christian values as our Vice President and I want you to know that you are loved and appreciated. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. God bless you.

  19. He’s not a nice man! The Truth is getting read to come out,
    and Gen. Flynn is going to be VP in the new administration anyway!


    1. I agree with this statement;

  21. Congratulations on a position well earned and deserved. Mr Pence will add as well as gain valuable experience from his tenure at Heritage Foundation!

      1. PENCE was a traitor to President Trump
        He needs to not get the job at HERITAGE HOUSE

        1. I agree a rhino in disguise, two face, just did enough to skim by and lying that he was the Trump train, career politician (MORON)

    1. I agree, if he would have done what he was supposed to do, we wouldn’t be in this mess!
      Who could trust him anyway! He needs to grow a pair and quit letting his wife control him!
      Somebody needs to investigate him to see if he was getting paid from China! Hope he doesn’t try
      To run for Governor of Indiana, we don’t need more back stab bears!

      1. I agree – the scumbag betrayed all of us and allowed the criminals to continue their illegal and unethical witch hunts!!!!

      2. It is not that Mike Pence did not do what he should have but that we as a nation have not done what we should have done to keep us from the evil that is besetting our world. Democracy only works among righteous people said several of the founding fathers. Democracy requires the idea that man is basically good and the Creator of mankind disagrees.

        1. Texas George
          I cannot agree that VP Pence was anything but the glue that held much of the Trump administration together. He was the lynch pin that held much of the programs moving in a conservative way while Trump was busy tweeting and pontificating. My view is that Trump beat himself and if he had acted halfway as a president should he would still be in office. I am glad that Pence is continuing with a conservative think tank and I will support him both verbally and financially if he later decides to run for president. Go ahead and rant if you wish but it would be refreshing if you naysayers would sometimes check the facts first. Pence’s priority was the American people.

          1. I do not think Mike Pence failed Trump or the conservatives. In fact, there are too many members of the Republican Party that failed to do their part, to count. Some people are doers and some are thinkers and I do believe that Trump and Pence were a good pairing. I love and continue to support Trump but there were times when I just wish he had stopped talking. Sometimes it is better to “act” than to announce what you are “about to do”.

          2. I do believe you’re correct. If President Trump had been more reserve in the months leading up to the election and relied on all his accomplishments to speak for him while explaining what his goals were for the next term he would still be our President even with all the CHAOS.

    2. RIGHT………….. He LEFT his commander and chief on the battlefield and JOINED IN ON WELCOMING THE DICTATOR BIDEN. I was extremely
      SICKENED over that. I have NO respect for him at all.

      1. I was very disappointed in Prnce not backing trump! That is why the Dems win. They ALWAYS STICK TOGETHER no matter if they agree or not! Republicans are always wimps & bail!

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