Newt Gingrich: Dems supporting Biden’s social spending plan are ‘voting to retire’

With House passage of a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan on Friday night, President Joe Biden’s sweeping spending agenda moved forward in a big way, but according to former Speaker Newt Gingrich, any vulnerable Democrat who lends their support to the much larger social spending package still pending is essentially “voting to retire,” as Fox News reports.

Though Biden hailed the approval of the infrastructure bill on Saturday, saying “We did something that’s long overdue, that long has been talked about in Washington, but never actually been done,” the process of getting to that point was far from easy, given internal wrangling among Democrats in recent weeks.

Ultimately, 87 days passed between the bill’s passage in the Senate to its approval in the House, and Biden himself had to make personal appeals to recalcitrant lawmakers along the way, underscoring the deep divisions that continue to threaten the larger, social welfare-heavy reconciliation bill that has been the subject of much disagreement among the progressive and moderate wings of his party.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally brought everyone in line to pass the bipartisan bill, she was forced to again delay a vote on the costlier package, as party moderates insisted on receiving scoring from the Congressional Budget Office of the bill’s true economic impact.

With one piece of legislation down, Pelosi has pledged to bring the social spending measure to a final vote before Thanksgiving, and, according to Gingrich, the decisions made by Democrats in swing districts could prove devastating for their political careers.

During a Friday appearance on America’s Newsroom, Gingrich slammed the prospect of any vulnerable Democrat — not to mention any Republican — voting for the massive spending bill, particularly given the many questions that remain about its contents.

“To ram a bill through that hasn’t been scored, hasn’t been read, nobody has a clue what they are doing. It’s the essence of a machine and Pelosi is the most powerful dictator to ever sit in the speaker’s chair,” Gingrich opined.

The former House speaker continued, “This isn’t the Congress, this isn’t the traditional House, this is a petty dictatorship run by somebody determined to get what she wants. …I think any Democrat who is in a marginal district and that’s probably 70 or 80 Democrats. If any of them vote for this, they are voting to retire.”

Given the considerable headwinds already facing Democrats in next year’s midterm elections and the strong rebuke their party received last week in places like Virginia, the predictions issued by Gingrich seem more than credible, but whether Pelosi’s caucus will heed his warning and buck their leader, only time will tell.