Newsmax smashes Fox News on Saturday night

NewsmaxTV has overtaken every other cable news network in the country with its Saturday night programming, according to Newsmax Online‘s reporting.

The network carried coverage of former President Donald Trump’s Phoenix rally Saturday and achieved what they characterized as a “solid ratings smash” outpacing even Fox News with their viewership.

“New Nielsen data shows that Newsmax was No. 1 in key coverage ratings, winning in all demos and easily walloping Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Fox Business Network and CNBC in the 7-9pm ET time slot,” Newsmax reported. 

The data gathered by Nielson indicated that Newsmax drew a total household coverage rating of 1.31. They were followed by the Fox News Channel who came in second place with 1.02.

Newsmax, who has gained considerable momentum since the 2020 presidential election coverage, seems to have claimed a significant portion of Fox News’ viewers when they cover the former president’s rallies. 

The same rating data showed that Newsmax drew a coverage rating of .71, compared to Fox’s .49 and CNN’s “pathetic” 0.49 in households and .22 in total viewership.

While the network isn’t making everyday ratings better than the news giant Fox News, they do seem to be willing to bring in viewers in a way that Fox doesn’t; by covering Trump rallies. 

Saturday’s rally marks the third consecutive rally where Fox News has allowed the smaller network to “scoop” them by bringing programming viewers want to see. 

Fox News fell out of favor with conservatives when they seemed to slide to the left with their coverage of the presidential election, even making aggressively early calls for President Joe Biden in states where the results were still largely undecided.

According to the network’s reporting, however, they are now the fourth-highest-rated cable news channel in the United States and Nielsen with more than 30 million Americans watching the network. For information about how to view NewsmaxTV Click Here.