Newsmax overtakes Fox News in ratings for the second time

Newsmax has beat out Fox News in ratings for the second time in as many weeks, according to the network’s report of the ratings. 

The news outlet cited Nielsen’s ratings which showed that the conservative network’s live coverage of Saturday’s political rally, featuring Donald Trump brought them record viewership.

According to rating statistics, former President Trump’s “Save America” rally live from Sarasota, Florida brought in more than 3 million U.S. viewers on traditional cable and through streaming.

“Nielsen reported that Newsmax drew a total audience coverage rating of .86, compared to Fox News .70, CNN’s .33 and MSNBC’s miniscule [sic] .16,” Newsmax reported.

According to the network, they were the only “major” news network to cover the July 3 rally live and they were richly rewarded for their coverage.

“Newsmax also beat all three competitors in the coverage rating for the key demo of viewers ages 35-64, drawing a .75 to Fox’s runner-up number of .53,” Newsmax went on.

The holiday weekend rally was one week after the former president returned to the political stage on June 26, which was the first time Newsmax overtook Fox’s ratings.

Newsmax has seen a sharp uptick in viewership since last fall when many conservatives became disenfranchised with Fox News over their coverage of the 2020 presidential election. Many consider the network to have slid too far to the left and believe that the conciliatory attitude toward progressives is contributing to the political and moral decline of the nation

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