New York Times article suggests elderly shouldn’t get vaccines first, because they’re too white

Elderly Americans are far more at risk of dying from the coronavirus than any other group. We’ve known that since the beginning.

So what reasoning could we possibly use to refuse to give seniors the vaccine first? According to some “experts” older Americans are “too white” to save.  

The Washington Examiner reports:

An article in the New York Times quoted several doctors suggesting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should deprioritize distributing the coronavirus vaccine to the elderly because they are “whiter.”

“Older populations are whiter,” Dr. Harald Schmidt, a health and policy expert at the University of Pennsylvania, said. “Society is structured in a way that enables them to live longer. Instead of giving additional health benefits to those who already had more of them, we can start to level the playing field a bit.”

The article, titled “The Elderly vs. Essential Workers: Who Should Get the Coronavirus Vaccine First?”, contained multiple examples of doctors appearing to suggest that race should be a factor in the vaccine rollout, which the CDC has been accused of supporting.

This is literally racism that will cost Americans their lives. Using “white” as a pejorative is not a harmless thing.

It’s literally allowing experts to determine the worth of human lives based on the color of their skin.

The fact that the New York Times and their ilk will publish such filth is a disgrace.

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      1. Join the club. I’m not taking it myself. The reason, Too many Side-effects, Plus the great Barrington Declaration is Declaring that this Corrona is Nothing More than a Regular Flu. Signed by 50.000. Doctors Worldwide. Nothing More than a Mickey Mouse Bomb Dropped by the DemonRatPack.

  1. The raceism in that statement is absolutely outrageous!
    Where is the liberal outrage?
    They only get upset when they perceive something can be used against the right!!!

    1. Agree! If this does happen then families of older people who die because of this vaccine decision should sue The NY Times and this Dr. quoted in the article!! Americans should protest outside the Times now and not allow their products to reach the streets !!!!!

      1. Yesssss sue um rebellion is needed ,the want to kill old people ,already murdering babies whose left,just YOU,DEPLORABLE VETERAN

        1. I agree who ever suggested the elderly be last in line or not get it. Should be denied getting it
          until everyone else gets it. Also, they should be required to work in an environment where the
          the disease is thriving.

    2. and now, to add to this insanity, they want to count black votes twice to “repair systemic racism”. We are going to have to fight so hard to bring America back around.

  2. Ok so you mean my father has the right to die cuz hes white what the hell is up with you people saying who has the right to live and the right to die

    1. They have been doing that for a long time , killing non essential people who don’t work anymore. I guess they feel like we are taking up space for black younger people to survive! If that isn’t racist I will kiss your butt! They talk about being racist, I have never taken blacks or any other person that is different in skin color nor any other person that was different from me! I found that I was 67% African American by a blood test so why am I not able to get the shots for covid 19 virus! For your all Info I am 75 going to be 76 this year and haven’t had one test nor a Doctors visit for a shot for the virus nor any other privilege . I hope you are old when some one calls you old and not give you the vaccine when you need it. Big Pharma hasn’t given any more than they had to to keep people alive, wether it was old or young or of another color. This Racist thing has got to stop!By the way, my Husband is 82 going to be 83 at the end of Christmas and we live in our own house! We made our own Social Security too!

      1. All of our seniors are a valuable resource that we should protect. No one else has been through and seen so much. This is outrageous. This is shameful on the parts of the CDC and anyone else who supports it.

      2. the goal is to kill everyone over the age of 70 and older!!! just that sounds like any country you have in mind!!!CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I am 84 and I am pretty healthy so if they won’t give me the vaccine because I am to white I hear something that is so outrageous these people must be drinking something or taking some kind of pill it is just unbelievable what comes out of their mouth I have never heard such BS in my whole life and I believe we are heading for a revaluation in this great country we must stop all this BS

  3. I’am 73 and am still waiting for my white privilege to kick in and these white idiots want me to die. Am also waiting for the golden years. As mygreat grandparents came over to the U.S. they didn’t own slaves.

    1. Well I’m 81 and my white privilege hasn’t kicked in either. What about the 1% and the politicians who are white? Many of them are up in age and my guess is they will get the vaccination.

    2. Mike, if your great grandparents didn’t own slaves, you’re owed reparations. They had no slaves, so they missed out on all the money slaveholders made, and now they’re owed big time. Since they’re no longer here (I’m sorry for your loss) to collect, you as their heir, are entitled to the money they are owed. I suggest you contact your Representative and Senator in D.C. and explain to them that you want your money. If people who had ancestors who were slaves are entitled to reparations, it’s only fair that those whose ancestors didn’t own slaves are entitled to reparations also. It’s your money, and you’re entitled to it!

  4. To bad the Media isn’t being Sued for Racist Writing. All Elderly People should receive the vaccine. No matter what race they are. Truthfully I feel the Media are the True Racist.

  5. This is a first step in refusing medical treatment to people who are over 75. Gates and his cohorts are supportive of this, stating that th elderly have outlived their usefulness.

    1. So should Gates be refused medical care? How old is he? Oh wait, I forgot, he’s rich so the rules don’t apply to him!

    2. Lets see if they say that when they get 75 or beyond! They will say they have a right to live as they get Social Security and are no drain on Society! I guess they feel that of their Grandmother and Grandfather too!

    3. Shame that they are also old seniors also,it has nothing to do with age,it’s all about how much money you have and how much more you can have if you murder all the old people,babies and veterans and poor people,not got one lying thing to do with age,they need the money we old people worked all our lives for…..

      1. The 1976 movie with Charlton Heston and Grace Jones all over again,only this time it’s not a movie but what the democrats were planning way back then,and by the way Edward G.Robinson was the old man that they euthanized,Satan is at it again.

  6. This article absolutely makes me sick. I am 74 years old, and never in my life, until the demorats came into the scene, have I been called racist!!! There is nothing about this, that would make anyone racist!!


  8. _uck the New York Times & the Liberal fruit loops that have screwed this country for good…It’s time to mop the floor with these idiots…

  9. Reverse racism. Or, just plain, old RACISM! Don’t tell me a minority cannot be racist, nor anyone favoring a minority group not be racist. This is crap, but what some of us expect. Just the beginning of prejudice against the elderly, which will include ALL older people in the future. Look for “age limits” for, well, actual living. Will take the vaccine ONLY if deemed necessary at this point, period.

      1. The only reason they haven’t made it in life is because they refuse to finish school and rather steal from people. It’s easier and they won’t try to get respect from others because they’d rather be given money for dirty deeds against people of other color to get ahead! The BLM and Antifa are paid to do their dirty work! Whites have no idea of what they did to them as my Mother was Irish and My Grandmother was welch and my father was a an American and his Father came from Chezkslovakia and this was in the 1920,s . No slaves there so what are they mad about?

  10. I can see the logic, for instance, politicians are essential workers, even the white ones. The fact they don’t really work isn’t important, what is, is that we call them essential. It’s similar to the election. We know the democrats rigged it but in doing so, made it possible for the Republicans to go back to the “good old boy” network of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, i.e., so they aren’t going to step forward to help Trump. We’ll be told what’s important from now on.

    1. You are completely right,we have some of the sorriest politicians in the republicans party as we do the democrats communist party.

  11. This reminds me of what the Nazis did to the elderly Jews, it’s criminal not to mention racist and discriminatory. The left, Bill Gates, Democratic Party needs to go!!! These people are dangerous!!!

  12. Don’t let them fool you, you can bet their older relatives will get the vaccine before yours. We are the peons, serfs and they are the elite. They can kiss my rump.

  13. This “doctor” Harald Schmidt has a problem. If he is a medical doctor he should be talking about saving lives, his oath requires that he or she do no harm. This is pure lunacy, since when did a doctor or any rational human being begin to play GOD and decide who lives and who is expendable. Enough of the BLM and other fringe groups trying to destroy this country. This country is not a racist country. It has evolved into the greatest nation on earth and for a simple reason, all races are welcome and they live here in the U.S. So all you racist experts need to knock off the racist crap and restore the melting pot this country worked very hard to establish.

  14. Will the ridiculous racism never stop. The minority have taken charge of our nation. The majority just sits by and lets it happen. When good men do nothing, nothing good will happen.

  15. Oh well….as Obama said about “Obama Care”…”we don’t about old people, they are going to die anyway.!” Damn him and all the Commie Dems!

  16. I’m curious… can someone be ‘too white’??? You’re either white, black, or some other ‘color’, and just because a person is ‘elderly’ makes NO sense! Who is in charge of deciding who is ‘elderly’???

    1. He will get old one day when someone calls him non essential too! Let’s see what he says to that remark! Bill Gates don’t care about us he has been over in Africa and has seen the worst but he has to realize we were in the condition they were and came out of it but have a long way to go! It’s funny they save these people in Africa and places and they don’t give to our problems here! Bill Gates gave money to get Joe Biden ! George Soros gave alot of money and Mark Zuckerburg to Joe Bidden! I’m surprised at George Soros, as his family got German Papers to be not killed by Hitler but gave to Joe Biden to make it! He is Jewish too! I bet he was one of the boys that belonged to Hitler! If they would go back in his History we have a person who has Commited Treason against the United States!

  17. The Good News is that Jesus still saves. No matter how you read prophecy or what your interpretations are of Armageddon you have to believe that God will not let this evil go on much longer. Revolution is near and Armageddon can not be far behind. But no matter what transpires the Love of Jesus will always overcome the lies of the Evil one. Leftist’s have succumbed to those lies but be not deceived, God is not mocked. To those who stand fast to the end will be awarded eternal life with Jesus. Keep living in the here and do what needs to be done to stand for truth and against the lies, but keep planning for the ultimate future that God has planned for his faithful.

  18. This is what was expected, The New York Times is a failed rag sheet and is so biased and corrupted that even a fire to burn it down would not be hot enough. They have a motto that states that they print all the news that fit to print. It’s a failed motto along with a failed paper.
    Who or what doctors did they interview, who or what so-called doctors called for euthanasia? Where do they work and Which is the party that
    regards this as a necessity. To have the unmitigated Gaul to print something like this shows us how far we have come with the media. The Times needs to be shut down and the Chinese ownership in this country should be punished and deported permanently.
    This is pure garbage that should finally end the NY Times.

  19. RACISM has just shown it self at the NYT & these so called doctors. Guess you all think killing babies is ok too!!

  20. Both my parents and one of my sisters tested positive for the covid. My dad has has a heart condition, COPD, pre-diabetes, early stage of Alzheimers. My mom has fibromyalgia. They are both overweight although not morbidly so. They were sick about 5 days and are now doing much better.
    My point is this…covid is not a death sentence but the demonrats are. The media is focusing on the wrong problem, because they are working FOR the problem.

  21. I believe the media is trying to use child psychology on us older White Americans; I personally refuse to take this vaccine because Bill Gates wants us to take it to depopulate the old white Republicans left here on Earth. Child psychology people; think about it. They tell us that black people come first, then we throw a fit and then they give it to us and boom we all are dying from the vaccine. Do Not Take the Vaccine !! It’s a trick.

  22. In the government’s eyes the “baby boomers” are draining the SS system. This Virus was engineered to take out the elderly. AND….now we’re too white to receive the vaccine? OMG….is this the most racist statement to raise it’s ugly head yet? Most of us won’t take the vaccine but let their statement stand for all to contemplate their true intentions. God help the people of the United States, because we are all BUT UNITED!

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