New York Supreme Court finalizes redrawn congressional map, bad for Dems

New York Democrats already had a monumental challenge in front of them with regard to the 2022 midterm elections, but after the state’s Supreme Court’s latest ruling, it’s now crystal clear that the Democratic Party stands little chance of staying alive.

According to the Washington Examiner, the state’s high court just approved a resubmitted congressional district map drawn by a court-appointed special master, after the Democrats’ attempt to redraw the maps was obliterated in a state court, with the judge ruling that the party didn’t play by the rules.

“The map divided 16 counties, 18 fewer than the 34 split under the legislature’s proposal, and created five more competitive districts than the three included in the legislature’s map,” the Examiner noted, citing documents released by the court.

The redrawing has even forced New York veteran Democrats, such as Rep. Jerry Nadler (D), to announce his intention to run in a newly formed district.

“This new district belongs to no individual candidate, but instead to the voters who call it home. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue steadfastly serving the West Side and eager to introduce myself – and my record of principled leadership – more fully, to neighboring communities of the East Side,” the Democratic House leader wrote.

“Unfortunately some people have encouraged the public to believe that now the court gets to create its own gerrymandered maps that favor Republicans,” Justice Patrick McAllister of the New York Supreme Court said. “Such could not be further from the truth. The court is not politically biased.”

Some Democrats have thrown hissy fits in the wake of the new map’s approval, but only because it makes the field slightly more even for Republicans, as Democrats have rigged the system for decades there.

Make no mistake, New York likely won’t be the next state to flip to red, but the new map gives state voters a chance to make their positions heard on a greater scale.