New York Dems face ‘absolutely brutal’ redistricting map

Democratic candidates, even in many blue states, already had a tough row to hoe in the upcoming November midterms, especially as angry parents and ticked-off, broke Americans take out their anger on the party in charge.

According to the Washington Examiner, Democratic candidates in New York are going to have an especially difficult time gaining any ground after a court-appointed special master was tasked with redrawing a previously submitted redistricting map that heavily favored the Dem Party.

The new version, reports indicate, “would wipe out Democratic gains in the Empire State and make apportionment far more competitive than a prior enacted map.”

The Examiner broke down the specific differences in the redrawn map versus the old version, writing, “the map proposed Monday would likely result in a 15-5 Democrat-Republican split, with six seats being competitive — a significant dip from the likely 22-4 majority Democrats previously procured.”

According to Fox News, Democratic consultant and former chief of staff for the New York attorney general Neal Kwatra described the new map as “absolutely brutal” for New York Democrats, which would include high-profile politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

The new map will either live or die in quick fashion, as the public will have until Wednesday to provide input on the map, and a finalized version of it will be due, according to the judge in charge, on Friday.

Democrats had tried to play dirty from the start, filing for an injunction aginst the first ruling that said their first version of the map was heavily skewed toward their party. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan shot that request down.

Short of an unprecedented action or change, it appears as if New York Dems will just have to suck it up for 8 years until the next U.S. Census is taken in 2030.