New York City firefighter dies battling devastating Brooklyn blaze

Tragedy struck the New York City Fire Department Sunday when 31-year-old firefighter Timothy Klein died from injuries sustained in a raging blaze that tore through a residential property in Brooklyn, which also killed one civilian as the New York Post reports.

The flames that ripped through the structure at 10826 Avenue N in Canarsie prompted its second floor to completely collapse and also produced massive holes in other areas of the building, as photos taken in the aftermath of the disaster revealed.

While battling the inferno, Klein reportedly became separated from colleagues with whom he responded to the scene, and he sustained fatal harm in the structure’s collapse as eight other firefighters suffered burn and other injuries.

As the Post reported separately, Acting Chief of Department John Hodges noted that “Everything seemed to be going routine when suddenly the entire second floor became engulfed in flames. Three other members that were with [Klein] were able to escape by jumping out of windows and getting out of ladders in other areas of the building.”

“Our members worked feverishly, very hard under very difficult conditions, to try to reach [Klein]. Unfortunately, they were not able to get to him in time, and he succumbed to his injuries,” Hodges added.

Klein was one of many in his family who had been called to serve in the New York City Fire Department, with his father and uncles having paved the way with their own years on the job, as acting commissioner of the department, Laura Kavanaugh, noted on Sunday, according to the Washington Times.

In a tragic scene on Monday, Klein’s parents and sisters made their way to Ladder Co. 170, where mourning bunting was hung and the American flag was lowered to half-staff, according to the Post.

Offering touching words of tribute, Klein’s cousin, Keith Klein, explained, “He just didn’t make it home yesterday. Timmy understood the risks, we all do growing up in a firefighter family. We didn’t lose him to a lack of training or preparedness or fitness. Timmy was top-notch. Sometimes you lose members to the circumstances of the operation.”

Funeral services will be held Friday for Klein, who leaves behind his mother, father, three sisters, a girlfriend, and a world of friends and colleagues who will undoubtedly continue to honor the legacy of his selfless devotion to protecting the lives of others.