New report shows Pennsylvania vote discrepancy of 170,000+ votes

They keep telling us the election results are settled. They keep saying Trump doesn’t have any evidence of fraud.

So what are they going to say about this? A new bombshell report from Pennsylvania indicates that there is an “alarming discrepancy” in the presidential vote count that adds up to twice the margin of Biden’s victory in the state.

The Washington Examiner reports:

According to the GOP analysis, county election results showed 6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while the SURE system indicated that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted, which is a difference of 202,377 votes. The Republicans said this 202,377 gap, coupled with 31,547 fewer presidential race votes seen in county data, amounts to “an alarming discrepancy” of 170,830 votes, which is more than twice the reported statewide difference between Biden and Trump.

Pennsylvania Republicans noted: “We were already concerned with the actions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the Executive branch, and election officials in certain counties contravening and undermining the Pennsylvania Election Code by eliminating signature verification, postmarks, and due dates while allowing the proliferation of drop boxes with questionable security measures and the unauthorized curing of ballots, as well as the questionable treatment of poll watchers, all of which created wholesale opportunities for irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.”

“However, we are now seeing discrepancies on the retail level which raise even more troubling questions regarding irregularities in the election returns. These findings call into question the accuracy of the SURE system, consistency in the application of the Pennsylvania Election Code from county to county, and the competency of those charged with oversight of elections in our Commonwealth,” the GOP lawmakers added. “These numbers just don’t add up, and the alleged certification of Pennsylvania’s presidential election results was absolutely premature, unconfirmed, and in error.”

President Trump weighed in on the report today:

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    1. The Pennsylvania Republican Legislature sent their Republican electoral votes in to DC. When the votes for the state comes up, there will be electoral votes for Trump and the other old coot. The 12th Amendment should play out and the votes cancel each other out. Not giving either candidate the votes. Then the vote would go to Congress. That is according to how I understood the 12th Amendment of OUR Constitution of the United States, the only document of law that really matters.

  1. Philadelphia has been a center for voter fraud. Dead people vote so do cats and dogs…absentee ballots have been abused for years…we reported instances, nothing done. Rehabs take guys to vote multiple places around city. How do I know: saw it. One guy had 5 registrations…he asked what address is this and showed us 5 registrations in his name

  2. Everyone involved in not wanting to investigate this election should be charged with treason and or tampering with evidence.

  3. We the American people that put President Trump in office in 2016 knows that he won on November the 3rd 2020. We just knew that it would be over 100
    Million people that had voted for Trump.

    1. Shirley you are so correct if the voter fraud wouldn’t have happened am so disappointed in our government I guess the next thing to do is LOCK And LOAD and be prepared for bloodshed on American soil as to many have fought for our freedom to lose it now

  4. We the People voted the Swamp Rat Politicians are stealing this election and our rights in accordance to the constitution . You work for us , an immediate special council needs to be appointed , hoping for a Holiday miracle . STOP THE STEAL

  5. A foundation built on ” FRAUD – CORRUPTION – DECEPTION – LIES ” can not – will not – should not sustain a successful – positive outcome. It is beyond time to call out the Wolf administration for their handling of the Presidential election in Pennsylvania. President Donald J. Trump deserves recognition and acknowledgement for his successful election as President of the United States. GO PREDISENT DONALD J. TRUMP – MAGA !

  6. This insult to the people of America must be exposed NOW. This is fraud on a monster scale, not just the little excusable bit that Bill Barr tried to slough off. We need to make a national protest. We need the GOP to raise hell about it NOW. The election must be overturned in Trump’s favor or there will never again be an election that people trust.

  7. Our forefathers would be disgusted in Pennsylvania actions. That is where it all started they should be ashamed of what they have become! Pennsylvania should make sure they are above reproach, and make it 100% right!!


  9. As a nation, all people need to have honest elections. Without honest elections we will become a nation lead by despots and their criminal supporters. Everything our prior generations have done to protect honest elections and protect this country would be lost in the new books teaching anarchy, communism, and a complete loss of freedom of religion and self determination.

  10. I believe that the mail in ballet voting should be done away with since all this voter fraud has been discovered. This is not right what is happening. Praying that corrections will be made.

  11. TRUMP is the best president for many years. Lets get it right UNITED STATES, you deserve better than rampaging thieves burning stores. Donald has been the most honest of all. Just get it “RIGHT”now.!!!!!!!

  12. If we don’t fight for our freedom now it will be lost forever so come on and join the fight like a true American would not like China McConnell that is tied with China money

  13. I’m all for potus,but praying won’t help change what’s been done, it can’t hurt but unless electoral votes change in his favor we will have dementia joe!

  14. I also read about some major issues with military ballots. People we have to listen very carefully what Biden and the democrats have been telling us. Every time at the end of his rare speeches he always ended with God bless our troops and always alluding to our military in some way at the end of his speeches. I found that awfully strange, why not God bless you (which would include our troops) and God Bless America. I believe Biden is a snake and everything he did including not answering any questions, staying in his basement instead of going out to campaign to earn his vote and being flippant when conservative reporters asked him questions, I believe he was mocking Americans and thinking, see you fools. Remember he also told us that he was Kamala’s running partner. If he doesn’t make it that is who we will get. Are you ready for Kamala?

  15. Presidential elections are not some game we are playing. It affects everybody, regardless of your political affiliation. Election should be the most honest thing that takes place in this country. People who do something dishonest to try to change the results should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is nothing more important than an honest election. This last election was the most fraudulent election in the history of this country. They just found out about Penn, having more votes than people who voted. More than enough to change the outcome of the election in Penn. They should be investigating all states where there is some doubt that it was an honest election, no matter how long it takes. You don’t have to have evidence to investigate. The Democrats did that when Mueller spent 3 years investigating President Trump with no evidence to start with and none when it was finished..
    If it happened in Penn. it certainly could have happened in other states also, and probably did. If nothing is done, and the people involved in the fraud are not made to pay for what they did, we already know what will happen in the next elections and it will keep happening in every election until we do. The best way to make people obey the laws are to enforce the laws.

  16. IF People can’t see FRAUD in this last election, then they either refuse to acknowledge the same, or it’s just that they are blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other eye! The last four eyears have been nothing but Congress, senate, etc as well as the FREEKING GOD FORSAKEN MEDIA< continually doing all they can to stifle and destroy this President! They did NITHING but delay fixing what is wrong! Actually they don't care what is wrong they are ONLY "AUGMENTING and INCREASING" the same by their [email protected]#%%$&! Tactics!

  17. I love the way they say that this claim about “election fraud is disputed “. Over and over ! !I cannot understand how a nation as great and influential as America allows this to transpire! ! ! ! Perhaps we should vote out all of our so-called Republicans who are currently in office and start over ? ? Have they no backbone. I am certain that they all show up or collect the $ they are paid for what they are “not” doing. Right ?

  18. I am tired of the mockery the democrats are making of our country between voter fraud, Obamagate, Biden’s TREASONIST Family, Chinagate spies & voter fraud & then the dems & main news media telling us it is all lies not true. Then throw Hollywood, ball players, talk show hosts which are all idiots saying stupid stupid things, if they could come up with one piece of truth between them all I would be surprised, everyone of them keep talking out of their butts. What they think because they say it that 73+million people are going to say ok cause your so smart, if you believe that you are all smoking out of the same pipe Hunter uses. Every country in the world is laughing at us for the absolute stupidity coming out of their mouths. Put BLM & Antifa, Soros & Bloomberg on top of all of this it is just crazy!
    I want to say there are many good Republicans who are fighting against all these things please do not stop, but as a whole the rest of you are as bad as the dems., Mitch, Romney & the rest you are turn coat traders, WE THE PEOPLE will remember you come election time. I agree with you all, we need to do something because any of the idiots I mentioned will not help, our only hope is JESUS!!!

  19. President Trump won the election . Months before the election, and I can’t remember who said it, that if President Trump wouldn’t vacate the White House, they would send the military in to throw him out. I thought that was odd, but looking back now the evil communist democrats knew than that they were going to steal the election . The only difference is that they got caught. I don’t know much about Marshall Law, but if President Trump exercises it, he can round up all those that participated in the fraud election from soros, the high tech people that contributed millions, Obama who orchestrated everything from his DC white house down to the corrupt poll counters and place them at Gitmo. It would be wonderful to rid our country of all those evil, corrupt people! Maybe others would think twice about trying to destroy our country!

  20. Joe robbinette Biden has a great grand father named Joe Biden he married a robbinett girl ,this all around the civil war era,now this man fought for the South and owned slaves.He lived in Maryland look it up. So who is the racest here and Biden supports the renameing of military bases after southern generals! How about that folks. Talk about a lyer! Also after you place a reply here check it they change your wording.

  21. Such horrible corruption in PA
    They are gonna keep denying the truth
    They know they cheated deliberately and are stubborn

    I will pray in Jesus’ Name that God supernaturally exposes the truth & they will bow down to King Jesus
    We must humble ourselves & repent individually & corporately

    Pray & fast for God’s favor in this situation

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