New report indicts Bill Barr in treacherous scheme to conceal Hunter Biden scandal

I was disappointed with Attorney General Bill Barr before. Now, I’m furious.

A bombshell report just released, indicates that Barr intentionally worked to cover up the fact that Hunter Biden was being investigated throughout the 2020 election campaign. Talk about Deep State interference. 

The Washington Examiner reports:

Attorney General William Barr reportedly worked to keep investigations involving Hunter Biden’s business affairs out of the public’s view during the 2020 election.

A source told the Wall Street Journal that Barr knew since the spring about federal investigations centered in Delaware and Manhattan looking into Biden’s business and financial dealings. This was around the time his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Bill Barr knew in the spring? And he worked to keep it a secret? The level of malice and stupidity required to cover up a scandal of this size is mind-boggling.

In fact, what Barr did is very similar to what Twitter and Facebook did to cover up the story once it emerged in October.

The Examiner continues:

The report said Barr has resisted demands by Republicans in Congress for information on any investigations involving Hunter Biden. In the final weeks leading up to the election, which Joe Biden won, there had been scarce reporting on federal investigatory action related to his son, but there was a great deal of coverage dedicated to the controversy surrounding Trump allies’ efforts to draw attention to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and potential for the involvement of a foreign disinformation campaign.

The Justice Department did not return the Washington Examiner’s request for comment on the report.

I can’t even react at this point. Betrayal is too weak of a word to describe what Barr did to our president and our country.

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  1. I’m stunned! Something has to happen to Bill Barr over this. Have to ask – do Republicans have any REAL Republicans holding offices these days or are they all just placeholders for the Dems?

    1. Barr and Wray are part of the Deep State. Was he threatened. Barr is AG and should have disclosed this info about Hunter Biden immediately. And Wray knew about the laptop of Hunter Biden for about 1 year. Do these politicians ever get indicted and to jail. If not start right now and indict Barr and Wray for hiding evidence that affected this election. Their hiding of evidence is a crime and affected the election of our president.

      1. One can’t help but ask with what has he been threatened? What have they held over him to make him bow and comply? There has to be something that has forced him to give up and just “go along to get along”! What a disgrace!

        1. Maybe there is a reason he couldn’t
          Devaulge any info. Maybe it would have
          Let info.bthst could have gone again at t th investigation. Guess we’ll see.

      2. That is why Trump made the phone call to Ukraine….to try to get things going. Apparently, Barr knew about it but was not motivated to act on it….and then Trump was almost impeached for the phone call, which should have been done by the DOJ and AG (maybe not doing what they were paid to do?) So Trump as usual wanted things to move on this and get it out in the open for good reason. And because it was delayed….see what we now have? A big mess! They knew back when Trump was almost impeached. They must have had more facts than WE now know about Hunter, his Uncle and his Dad. So sick of the bias!

    2. Don’t believe “anything/everything” you hear and “half” of what you see in these current days..This is all part of the “Big” propaganda machine that has been taking place..Trump “Knew All” of this before being elected, “All” part of the plan… You people “Really Need To Start Doing Your own RESEARCH/HOMEWORK” on all of this, especially when it will make the difference of “regaining” our Great Country or “losing” it..This is “How and Why” all these crooks get into iffice to begin with, lack of any due diligence/homework/research/study on your parts, call it what you will..You all/majority take politicians at “their own words”, how FOOLISH..THEN, you ask “How Could This Happen”? YOU FOOLISH “SHEEP”! GROW UP ALREADY!!

      1. Barr did what the FBI mandates happens during and election. Now the election is over and nothing stops him from doing his job. If he does not come clean now, and or begin prosecutions or clearing the Bidens completely of wrong doing then he is as corrupt as them and the senate should indict and impesch immediately.

      2. I agree whole hardly. We must see keep Faith in something, let’s try not to Judge BARR before we
        Know all the facts
        God Bless The U.S.A.

    3. Sadly we have no true Republicans – lobbyists & special interest groups have taken over
      It’s all about the $$$$$
      Shocked Barr part of Deep Swamp I believe American ppl had the right to know the truth!!!
      Durham another Deep Swamp creature!!!

    4. It is beginning to look like ONLY US Americans are believers in the Constitution. The Deep State is so deep that I am bego=inning to believe that this Nation is going down the same path as the Romans. Read the Roman History and see how close the paths are.

    5. i say the same thing you have to wounder are they all in this swamp together? i say look into there irs tax papers and see how many homes and accts that are across sea’s. its time we the american people stand up and take america back.

    6. Barbara, I strongly suspect that most of the so-called “republicans” are really nothing more than the “SWAMP CREATURES” that President Trump fought so hard against in his campaign and his 4 years as President. The SWAMP CRITTERS will do anything, legal or illegal, to protect themselves and their positions. Thus we had the corruption and crimes of this most recent election, with the lies told by the democrabs and the failure of the republicans to stand up for what is right, which includes our so-called “Supreme Court” as well. Regrettably, I don’t think we’ll ever have another election as a nation due to the corrupt politicians who will be installed on Jan. 20. I figure we’ll wind up with the 2nd edition of the Civil War or this nation will be split into 2 or more separate nations.

  2. I am so disgusted with Bill Barr and the rest of the corrupt deep state. Our president cannot trust anyone! I pray for you each day President Trump. Please don’t give up!!

    1. Study – Study – Study, Research, Research, Research, Do Your Homework – Do Your Homework – Do Your Homework, STEP OUT OF YOUR BOX/YOUR COMFORT ZONE !

    2. Betty you are so right. I pray for our president every day. Just think what he could have done for America if he had, had all the republicans working with him. Barr needs to be fired yesterday. He is with the swamp and everyone knows when he never did anything about the all those who betrayed our President and Washington that something was wrong!

    1. Thinking like this, the way you are “all” thinking, is “exactly” what the deep state “wants and knows” that you “all will” think like this which continually leads you all with confusion and going “against the only ones we can count on”, like Bill Barr..Can you not all see how the deep state works? Do you not see this is “propaganda” coming from the deep state? This is where study, research, homework, doing your due diligencs will show you “All The Facts” as well as enlighten you to what is really going on so you will not only have the peace of “The Truth” but also the Courage – Wisdom- Knowledge and Understanding to not only share/teach/explain to others but will also be enabled to, “Most Importantly”, A T ON THAT INFORMATION AND DO YOUR PART(S) AS A PATRIOT…..

      1. Amen JAMES. WE e have been acting like the FAKE NEWS REPORTERS, NOT doing research
        JUDGE ANOTHER, THATS FOR GOD’ TO DO. so I will trust HE will
        Settle this. TRUMP/PENCE 2020

    1. Trump, from the beginning, has been playing chess with the deep state while the deep state has only been playing checkers!!

    2. Bill Barr is The King of The Swamp. Let’s give him his crown and let him slither back into the muck and mire he crawled out of. Tell him to take the lazy pompous robe wearers from The Supreme Court with him. Corruption,Corruption everywhere!!!!

  3. This is just more proof of how deep the “deep state” is. As smart as Trump is, he sure has trouble surrounding himself with good people.
    He should have gone in there and fired everyone and then gotten someone like Gowdy or Cruz to be his AG.
    I think this is especially true with the State Dept. Those people think they run the country and they need to learn that the President makes policy and they carry that policy out. They all needed firing. DRAIN THE SWAMP. It is not too late.

    1. Richard, You are 100% correct. President Trump’s only mistake is not cleaning the entire house. President Trump did say, “The Swamp Is Much Deeper than anyone could imagine”.

    2. I think Jeanine Pirro would make a Great AG! She has plenty of experience in Criminal Prosecution’s that is for sure! And there is absolutely Zero doubt she is tough! Trust me she’d get the job done! And you could trust her!! Wish I President would ask her if she would like to help him! At least long enough to drain the filthy swamp that is Washington DC! Come on Judge Pirro, America needs you!

  4. KEEP PRAYING!!! Truth will OUT!!! Let’s just hope it is in time!!!!!!! The MAIN and
    underlying question is: ARE we STILL “one nation UNDER GOD”? This is the absolute
    ONLY way that we CAN be “united”!!!

  5. Donald Trump should have fired everyone from secrataries to dept heads they all had a status quo agenda and knew where their loyalties were, and it was not with the President. As for Barr he seems like all the other RINOs smiles in your face stabs you in the back.

    1. I really thought that Bar was on the up and up but he turned out the biggest cutthroat of them all. About the FBI Trump should have had Scherif Clark in that position, a good man who would have straightened them out. Trump has been dealt some terrible blows in 4 years and by his suppose to be his own people. Trump needs to remember that Red Adare did not use water to put out oil well fires he did it with fire and that is what Trump needs to fight back with right now in the court of dark alleys.

  6. Bill Barr I’d a traitor to America! Should be ashamed. What do the Democrats have on him that could make a good man bad or is he a wolf in hidding.

    1. Wolf in sheep’s clothing ABSOFRICKENLUTELY! Bring back public hangings or firing squads for all these evil lying backstabbing betraying POS’S! Start with Obama, Hilary, James Comey, John Brennan, Peter Struk Lisa Page, Susan Rice, Huma Abidin, Loretta Lynch, Wray, Barr, Andy McCabe, etc etc etc………

    1. Sadly all Politicians r corrupt –
      Trump is the only one not bought & paid for – the answer was remove him & put in an Imbecile owned by China –
      God help our country!!!

  7. i am som piss that the courts dident take this and trump won if any body was smart thay would get the tapes off foxs new and the court would lose there jobs if thay aload the demrats win and that wrong and bill barr should filed to put the demrats in jail and his ather lorey that did this thay just want to kill every one because thay are letting the demrats get away with every thing and that wrong and the courts should take this up and bill barr should put the demrats in jail i just want to say this trump won and there was froad

  8. This looks like Barr was complicit with the goings on of the Bidens. I’m not sure of the legal side of it, but in my mind he deserves to be tried right along with them.

  9. Damn near all the people in DC are corrupt. I hope all know that. Why do you think they hate Trump. He doesn’t go along with all that under the table money so they want him out. Ya try and do the right thing and look what it gets you.

  10. Still praying for our country!’ So upset over Barr! Do we not have any true American citizens left in office? 🙏🙏🇺🇸

  11. You can not shame a Democrat they have no sense of decency. If you are not one of THEIR family, you are on their hit list.

    Whoever is president is the current godfather. All of his sargents run the show.

  12. Normal rule: It’s not as it seems. I say; watch. Observe. Let it all play out. AG Barr is a man of good standing. The SCOTUS & DOJ have this in the bag. It’s all about coordination for the BIG HAMMER TO FALL AT THE RIGHT TIME. WATCHING EVERY MOVE BEING PLAYED.

    1. Right on Daniel! Chess is a complicated game and Trump knows what is going on and it is not like it seems. Patiently waiting for it to hit the fan. Some people just jump to conclusions too soon.

    2. I have the same faith in Barr that James Michalesko has been expressing. We have to keep the faith and let the Presidents plan play out as designed.
      If we are a Ture Patriots, WE CANNOT NOT GIVE UP! If we do, we will all undermine the plan that “IS IN ACTION”.

  13. Bill Barr needs to be fired and charged with election interference. All american people deserved to know the truth before the election to make a informed choice. Personally I would like to see Barr hung!!

  14. These scumbags are turned against our president by bribery and I think threatened by the left. The dems are evil and need to be taken
    down. I think trump needs to do what generall flynn
    Said to do before it is too late.

  15. Barr is a traitor and FBI and CIA have compromising information on him just like the other traitors in DC–China has information on all of them –look at Starwell from CALIF and Feinstein from California——WE THE PEOPLE OF America are SCREWED————-FBI, CIA and DOJ have screwed TRUMP from day one—all these liberals will pay the price just like the conservatives—keep a notebook of all the things Biden does each week while in office———-PS Better teach your grand children to speak Chinese because they will own us in a few years———–SEMPER FI

  16. Our country NOW RUN BY THE DEEP STATE –
    DNC blatantly STOLE THIS ELECTION & China & world leaders r rejoicing as they can NOW run our country with the Imbecile Fraudulent Corrupt Illegitimate President

  17. Bill Barr is Anti-Second Amendment ant anti-gun self defense goon as they come! I just couldn’t believe it when President Trump put that thing in as A.G!!! His advisors really screwed over him with that choice! SWAMP RAT GOON number one-BILL BARR!!!!


  19. Did yo ever notice the expressions on the faces of all far left Democrats and RINO Republicans?
    They all have a long face of utter devastation, anger, and lack of inner peace. Remember the expression on Mueller’s face? The face of the unstable, emotionally disturbed woman who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh ? The look on Governor Cuomo’s face?


  21. Barr did what the FBI mandates happens during and election. Now the election is over and nothing stops him from doing his job. If he does not come clean now, and or begin prosecutions or clearing the Bidens completely of wrong doing then he is as corrupt as them and the senate should indict and impesch immediately.

  22. American citizens should NOT trust any politician as we are now seeing so much fraud, corruption and more! What a scam and shame to this beautiful nation!

    1. Take these Deep State swamp creatures down! Someone ride herd on Trump when he picks people for positions. Doesn’t he vet them? Way too trusting!

  23. How do these monsters sleep at night???? How could you betray your President and your Country like that and still look at yourself in the mirror everyday??? One couldn’t possibly have any conscience to do what they have done! Is Communism what you really want for our Country??? WOW! Never thought I would live to see the end of America as we know it………how horribly sad 😞🥲😭

  24. Barr has some explaining to do to the American people! Why did he withhold that information? Why hasn’t Durham put out info on his investigation? What is REALLY going on? Seems that the american people are paying millions of dollars for “ promises” of investigations that go nowhere! Like the Mueller “ probe”, the ONLY probing done was sticking it to President Trump and the American people! We need to rise up and demand answers, we have a right to know! If the alphabet agencies and Barr and others won’t do their jobs, why are we paying them the big bucks to sit upon their big rumps and do nothing?

  25. Someone should have known when he volunteered to come back to DOJ after having retired! I have been suspicious of him in the last year! Trump needs to fire him now, and he needs to be indicted. Who would do that? I think Trump is way too trusting of the people he puts around him or in positions of power! Wray is a prime example! That guy is Deep State from the word go. He too is hiding information! Drain the swamp while you still can, Trump!


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