New poll wrecks Biden admin, shows vast majority believe economy is ‘bad’

In the early months of his presidency, Democratic voters tried their best to hide the fact that President Joe Biden wasn’t exactly what they had been promised. But as time went on, and as Biden drove the American economy into the ditch, voters are making their concerns heard loud and clear.

According to Breitbart, in a bombshell CBS News/YouGov survey, a staggering 69% of American voters believe that the U.S. economy is “bad” right now. The poll revealed a number of other concerning data points for the Bident administration, as it made clear that a vast majority of Americans are sick and tired.

“Americans are extremely pessimistic on economic matters right now. Seventy-seven percent say they are pessimistic about the prices of goods and services, up from 70 percent in September,” Breitbart noted.

It added: “Sixty-eight percent say they are pessimistic about the national economy, up from 58 percent in September. Sixty-seven percent say they are pessimistic about the stock market, up from 49 percent in September. Fifty-seven percent say they are pessimistic about their retirement plans, up from 43 percent in the September poll.”

The numbers themselves shouldn’t come as a surprise, but now that it’s official, in a CBS News poll no less, one has to wonder just how worried Democrats truly are as the November midterms draw near.

The poll touched on the midterms as well, with high numbers — over 80% in each case — of voters demanding that whether it’s a Republican or Democratic nominee that they focus first on the inflation crisis.

Breitbart added: “Ninety-four percent of Trump voters say they want Republicans to focus on fighting inflation. A similar share of Democrats—89 percent—say they want Democratic nominees to focus on inflation. Likewise, 89 percent of Biden voters say Democrat nominees should focus on inflation.”

It’ll be interesting to see what the Biden administration and Democratic candidates do with this information, if anything.,