New poll gives GOP historic edge in midterm electoral prospects

In a dire development for House Democrats’ midterm electoral prospects and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) tenure at the helm, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll reveals that the GOP now has its most sizable lead in voter preferences since the poll was first conducted 40 years ago, as the broadcast network reports.

According to the survey, if the 2022 midterms were held today, 51% of respondents indicated that they would support the Republican running in their respective congressional race, with just 41% declaring that they would vote for the Democrat candidate.

Considering that the Democrats are currently clinging to extremely narrow majorities in both houses of Congress, these results could not have been more discouraging for their leadership, though it is certainly true that much can still change in the space of a year.

Delving deeper into the questions asked of survey participants, it is clear that economic concerns are critical factors behind the results, as 7 out of 10 respondents opined that the economy is doing poorly, with 55% expressing disapproval of President Joe Biden’s handling of the situation, as Fox News noted.

That was not the only bad news for Biden and his party, as the poll also found that his overall job approval number has plummeted to a record low of 41%, with 53% of respondents noting their disapproval of the manner in which he has performed his duties as commander in chief.

While the poll registered a record lead for the GOP in generic congressional matchups, it also provided Republicans cause for optimism when it comes to their chances of reclaiming control of the Senate. A review of poll outcomes in the eight individuals states predicted to have competitive races for seats in the upper chamber also shows that Democrats have plenty to fear.

As ABC News reported, in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona, Biden’s job approval stands at a devastatingly low 33%, and his handling of pandemic-related matters sits 11 points lower in those states than it does in the rest of the nation.

Jim Geraghty of National Review points out that while there are many nuances to Biden’s – and by extension, the Democrats’ – unpopularity according to this poll, economic questions are where they take the worst beating, wryly observing, “Go figure, it appears insisting that inflation is just transitory, month after month, doesn’t alleviate people’s frustration at high gas and food prices!”

Given the bleak insights for Democrats gleaned from this poll, it is no surprise that a growing number of party stalwarts have already announced their retirements in what could be the strongest acknowledgment yet that the country is well-poised to reject the radical agenda that they have relentlessly – and foolishly – pursued.