New Mexico Democrat State Sen. Jacob Candelaria has left the Democrat Party

Democrats are starting to see through their own party’s propaganda.

The latest to leave the party in disgust is New Mexico state senator Jacob Candelaria, who cited unconstitutional acts by the state’s Democratic governor.

“I announce today that I’ve submitted to the Secretary of State a reregistration, changing my registration,” Candelaria said.

“It’s been a beautiful chapter — it’s been incredibly rewarding — but it’s also incredibly demanding,” Candelaria said, explaining his decision to retire. “At this point, I’m happy to say that my husband and my future children require my full measure of attention. They need to come first, and I just can no longer give what it requires to do the job, honestly, and it’s time for someone else to step in and do that.”

“We need more people challenging the status quo in this state because we should be demanding more of our state government and its institutions,” he said. “We should demand more from people in elected office, and I think as a private citizen, all of those folks can look forward to me being even blunter about my views.

Are we about to see a mass exit from the party by moderates?