New Mexico Congresswoman calls out Kamala Harris in front of the nation

U.S. Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM) has invited Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the border between the United States and Mexico in her district and offered to accompany the VP on her upcoming trip to Guatemala, according to Microsoft Network News

The representative sent an official letter to the vice president on May 24, where she addressed the vice president’s position in controlling the Biden administration’s border policy and her interest due to the 180 miles of the U.S. border with Mexico in her congressional district.

“I respectfully request that you consider the following actions that are essential to protect national security and the safety of our citizens,” the congresswoman said before making several suggestions.

The congresswoman cited the border situation, calling it a “crisis” and argued that the vice president needed to get an up-close and personal perspective on the issue if she is to make informed choices about how to deal with foreign nations. Harrell also said that Harris should speak to borderland residents who “continue to fear violence and property damage along the border.”

“First, I invite you to join me at the southern border of New Mexico to see the crisis firsthand and how it is affecting Americans in my district who contain to fear violence and property damage along the border.

The New Mexico Republican also requested that the congresswoman take representatives from both sides of the political spectrum who have a vested interest in border security.

“Further, I believe it is imperative that your discussions with the governments of Mexico and Central American countries include members of Congress, especially those members from border communities and those on both sides of the aisle.

“This crisis can only be solved with bipartisan input and perspective from those who represent areas along the southern border. I would be pleased to host you in New Mexico’s Second District as well as join you on your trip to Mexico and Guatemala to bring firsthand knowledge of what the border crisis means for those who live there and are affected daily.

According to Harrell, “The most effective way to stop illegal immigration is to ensure consequences for those who break our laws or exploit our asylum system,” the representative said, echoing the conservative platform on illegal immigration.

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  1. They can’t be stopped … elections have consequences. Articles of Impeachment on Joe Biden were brought forth on Jan 21, 2021. Nancy Piglosi quietly swept them under the table never to be heard from again. The only way to “hopefully” save this nation is for one, (preferably two), chambers of Congress to have Republicans win a majority in the 2022 midterm elections. Then Biden should be impeached first, then Obama, and either Kamala or Bill Clinton next. We are finally getting over the Coronavirus; Unfortunately, we have to somehow deal with the current PANDEMIC. It’s name? “Joe Biden” of course. He’ll probably do more harm to this country than COVID-19! Not to mention Kamala Harris, who has NO intention of doing anything about the INVASION of our southern border. Border Patrol agents have apprehended illegals crossing from OVER 45 countries. Both POTUS and his VP are guilty of not protecting America or its citizens.

  2. Impeachment list: Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Clintons, Obamas, Hunter Biden, I don’t care if they are in office now, they are thieves and liars and belong in jail! I can’t even list them all, but if they are demorats, arrest them. Leave our President Trump alone. He saved this country and was the best President ever! I don’t think we will even have a country by 2024. Biden has practically destroyed us already and he is just getting started. Can’t someone stop them?

  3. can you imagine if trump was in office and never went to see the border?every newspaper every fake news channelwould be after him and try to impeach him over and over.joe biden and kamamla need to be impeached. there a disgraceful pair that doesnt care for america and us people that live here.there destroying our country.

  4. A lot of people want Kammie out. It seems unlikely that we can get her out. I’m hoping we can at least force her to go to the border with a bipartisan group of congress people that truly care about us Americans .


  6. Actually she is illegitimate just as Biden is. Tbese sick communist bastards are destroying America.

  7. If she doesnt respond then she should be impeached, She and Biden DONT run the states. They WORK for the states and the voters, she can forget about being the first woman president if thats what she thinks. Adios Ms vice president, dont let the door hit you in “you know where”.

  8. Harris is as worthless as Biden. Both need to be impeached…neither is doing the job they were sworn to do

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  10. KA MA LA DOESNT want the border crisis smell anywhere near her. she plans to run for president again in 2024, and knows it will kill her chances. I guess she forgot about the 99% who failed to vote for her in the 2019 primary?

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  11. Face it, America … ” Kammie ” is a loner, who follows her own path. She cares about nothing but POWER. She does not answer to biden, she is a lone wolf. Her only desire is to take The Oval Office and do what she wants. This WITCH needs to be removed, and SOON.

  12. She is a left sided dem pupit master. She needs to be put in front of a military firing squad with the reast of the pupit masters.They are satins angels.

  13. She is not useless to Biden. She is doing just what he wants her to do. She is just a rabbit hole for everyone to follow around and complain that she is not doing her job. She is a distraction to keep you from focusing on things that Biden is doing as well as the border while millions flood across. I would like to know why the military has not been used to bring the border situation under control. Anyone that says this is unconstitutional is crazy. That is what the military is for to protect our borders, anyone that says there is no invasion is crazy. There are 100,000s of illegals crossing the border. This is not to mention drugs, and diseases, and human trafficking, and armed CARTEL TROOPS controlling our border. This is unacceptable, and for politicians to be sitting on their back sides and doing nothing to stop this is reprehensible.

  14. Do you know what I have been thinking. I might as well get this off my chest. I been thinking about this for a while. the leak wasn’t a leak, it was a test. The CCP released the virus on it’s own people as a test. When they saw that it was working they then locked down Wuhan, and allowed flights to spread the virus to the rest of the world, to deliberately destroy the world economy, because theirs was failing. The CCP was willing to destroy the world economy and 10’s of thousands if not millions of it own people, rather than work with the rest of the world. This is the type of insane people that Biden is trying to appease. That is like Europe did with Hitler before WWII. It didn’t work then, and it will not work now. You can not appease insane tyrants.

  15. Kamala Harris isn’t qualified to be Vice President according to the Constitution!! She is an “Anchor Baby” therefore not born of American Citizen parents!!! Her Father was a slave trader and owned slaves in Jamaica, her mom was from India, they reportedly were not married when Kamala was born nor were they American Citizens or even green card holders!!! They were apparently Illegal when Kamala was born un USA Soil!!! By Constitutional Law, she cannot be an elected federal official!! She lives off the time she spent with the help (and apparent personal services) she gave to Com Willie Brown of San Francisco while he was still married!!!

    1. Thank you for posting this. I have been saying this since this POS was running for President. she cannot legally be President or VP both positions require Legal Natural Born US Citizenship

  16. Harris is pathetic! She had to drop out of the race in December 2019 because of slumping poll numbers. The only thing that she knows how to do is cackle, which she does really, really well. She is a traitor and fraud.

  17. Harris should be impeached for laughing in the face the American people over the southern border. At the request of the President of the United States to solve the crisis (my word not theirs) at the border. As of today she has done nothing about it. Thus disobeying the her boss – the president. That should be grounds for impeachment. If this was a Republican administration, the Democrats would sound like screech owls at midnight!

  18. Dems care nothing about the problems citizens are facing along the border,and all over the country!!!?🐍🐍🧐

    1. Dems actually love the boarder crisis as those who make it illegally will vote Democrat. Trump had the boarder in the best condition I can remember and these two dimwits destroyed it on purpose. Now they want to pack the court just as Trump said they would and that will end up destroying our country forever.
      I doubt Trump will run in 2024 but I will certainly vote for whomever he supports as I trust his judgement when it comes to the good of our country.
      There has to be a way to get rid of these two idiots as well as Piglosy. Our country deserves better.

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