New CBS poll reveals vast majority feel things are ‘going badly’ in America under Biden

President Joe Biden continues to allow a number of crises facing America to spiral out of control, and new polls reveal that it’s far from just Republican voters who are upset and worried about the situation.

According to CBS News, in a CBS/YouGov poll, a staggering 74% of respondents said that they feel that things in America are going badly. The poll, described as an “indictment” of the Biden administration’s first year and a half in office, also revealed several additional devastating data points for the struggling president.Β 

The percentage of overall Americans who feel that the economy is “bad” came in at 69%, which was six points higher than when the question was asked last month.

As far as how respondents said they feel about the state of America, 63% responded with “uneasy,” 63% also indicated they feel “worried” about the direction America is going, and 61% added that they felt “frustrated” with the current situation.

CBS reported, “In fact, outlook on the costs of things gets the most pessimism of the items tested, followed by pessimism about the national economy,” referring to several additional questions asked to the survey respondents concerning their views on the cost of goods and services, the economy, and the stock market.

In short, there wasn’t a single category that gave Biden a glimmer of hope that he might be making the right decisions. The survey clearly says the opposite.

With only a few short months between now and the November midterms, the Biden administration has clearly crippled Democratic candidates across the country, who really do not stand a fighting chance of winning toss-up districts at this point.