New book reveals that Obama holds Biden in contempt

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, Democrats and many in the left-leaning mainstream media worked overtime to avoid the reality that it didn’t appear as if former President Barack Obama was keen on then-candidate Joe Biden’s chances of winning the election.

As PJ Media reported, in the wake of revelations from the book, Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Donald Trump, written by journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere, it was revealed that Obama viewed Biden as a “compromise candidate” and reportedly said he “wasn’t exactly inspiring.” 

Backing up to the 2016 election, when Biden was considering running for the Democratic nomination, Obama was reportedly “dubious” about Biden running even then.

“Obama, for his part, went from assuring his aides not to worry, that his vice president was just working out his grief at his son’s [Beau’s] death by entertaining the fantasy of running for president, to becoming worried that Biden was actually getting lost in his fantasy,” Dovere wrote.

The former president reportedly went sympathizing with Biden, who had just lost his son, Beau, to eventually ordering his aides to “go and meet with Biden to jolt some sense into him, to stop him from getting himself hurt and embarrassing Obama as he did so.”

Leading into the 2020 election, Dovere wrote that Obama knew Biden’s closest advisers and “didn’t think much of them,” adding that Obama believed Biden’s people pushed him for one last shot at the big show before they went into retirement, despite having “no sense of the current state of politics or the party anymore.”

The tension between Biden and Obama, who worked together for eight years in the White House, was especially apparent after a bombshell Politico report emerged in August 2020 which revealed that Obama reportedly said to an unnamed Democrat, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

Biden’s camp also reportedly complained that when Obama finally endorsed Biden for the 2020 presidency, the endorsement was “weak” compared to how Obama backed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Though Biden would go on to win the 2020 election, Dovere’s book clearly reveals that so much more happens behind the scenes in the dirty world of national politics than we’ll ever know.