Never Trump Lincoln Project founder accused of propositioning minors – media KNEW

Apparently, if you’re anti-Trump, top members of the mainstream media are ok with you being a sexual predator pedophile.

John Weaver, a co-founder of “The Lincoln Project” a scandal-dogged and supposedly Republican SuperPAC that spent millions attacking President Trump, is being accused of propositioning young men (one was just 14 years old) by text message.

Breitbart reports:

Weaver… has been accused of sending explicit messages to nearly a dozen young men, offering them career advice and jobs in exchange for sexual favors.

Weaver, who formerly worked with the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), was accused by 21 men of sending unwarranted messages, one who stated that he began receiving messages when he was 14 years old, according to the New York Times.

Worse yet, sources report that an editor of the rabidly anti-Trump publication The Daily Beast, knew about Weavers behavior, and didn’t report it. According to Breitbart: 

Daily Beast editor-at-large Molly Jong-Fast allegedly knew about the sexually explicit messages that John Weaver — a co-founder of the anti-Trump super PAC Lincoln Project — had been sending to nearly a dozen young men, in which he offered them career advice and jobs in exchange for sexual favors.

“According to several mutual friends, [Molly Jong-Fast] heard I had this story back in the early summer. And that it was circulating several outlets,” tweeted political consultant Ryan Girdusky — the conservative activist who first broke the story — of the scandal involving Weaver.

These people spent the last year lecturing us about “decency.” Let that sink in.

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  1. What else would you expect from traitors like Kasich and the evil Mormon – by the way did u know Kasich’s father was a mail man???

    1. Please pay attention to this report
      The person who “knew about this but didn’t say anything” Molly Jong Fast, Chinese? I’ve been noticing a lot of media seems to be Chinese. Are they like Swallwell’s “acquaintance”? Wouldn’t real reporters care enough to say something? Just asking

  2. A more deserving of punishment circle of pedophiles we never saw…tell them to clean up their act or never, ever, speak of anyone else’s “sinss, ever…

      1. of course, they are sick in the head, think they will get away with this crap because they are on the left. sick of this, we are above the law, soon people will throw them all out, why the capital is getting a new fence. they are scared.

        1. This guy is a Republican…not a Democrat. It was hush hush? That tells you these people conspired against our Great President Donald J. Trump! This why he wanted to drain the swamp back in 2016 and now he is gone…the filth has risen on top of the water. I miss Trump!

  3. These demon-rats kept showing their voter’s now demonic they are, when is it going to sink in. Kept voting for demon-rats and you will destroy America.

  4. Does this surprise anyone? All of the political operatives have many “skeletons in their closets”. I hope they fry the bastards.

  5. They may be all involved in it for they are All Corrupt too in the Democrats Party period to be against the President Trump for all the Good he has done and they continue to this Day too all 293 or more too

  6. Every one of these filthy messages sent to all of these young boys by John Weaver should be exosed for ALL to read. The filthy swines who knew what he was doing and let it go on without turning him into the law all of their faces and names should be exosed for all to see. They are just as guilty as the filthy as the creep himself and need to face consequeneces for their actions.

  7. That’s what Michael Obama wanted and that’s what she/he gets…A country of sissies and the “Freak Parade” even un-tombed into our military. The Chinese women’s military will be kicking our _ss…Can you speak Chinese???

  8. agree???

    I am about to believe all communist democRATS and RINO’s are pedophile loving, drug dealing, hair sniffing, rapists.

  9. There is a Reason I have been calling them the Party of Pond Scum. Their members have been some of the most Vile, Degenerate, Hateful Political Hacks Our Country has ever known!

    The “List” is long and never ending. Lying, cheating and stealing is Badge of Honor to them. They are the Enemy of U.S. and prove it everyday!

  10. DO ANY OF THESE DEMOCRATS HAVE ANY MORALS OR ETHICS, LYING SEEMS TO BE THE NORM, and the useless MEDIA will bash a GREAT PRESIDENT `LIKE DONALD TRUMP but these sleazy DEMOCRATS can do the most unethical things and the pieces of crap MEDIA act like there functional illiterates when it comes to the DEMOCRATS CRAP that they pull.

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