Neil Gorsuch is driving the left crazy

Public health experts may not care about your constitutional rights, but thankfully there’s at least three Supreme Court justices who do, led by Trump’s best pick, Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch has been making waves by defending Americans rights in the face of so-called emergency orders that public health officials like to use to invalidate your constitutional rights.

This has left wingers in a tizzy. Here are the wackos at left-wing rag Slate:

…Gorsuch’s most alarming argument is more fundamental: He openly scorned the notion that the government’s interest in halting the spread of a lethal global virus is always “compelling.” While the justice begrudgingly acknowledged that limiting COVID is a compelling interest today, he added that it “cannot qualify as such forever.”

You should notice that the left ring writers at Slate think that it is “alarming” to say that Covid cannot qualify as an emergency forever. That’s right. They believe Covid should be an emergency forever.

Of course if it goes on forever it’s the new normal and not an emergency. But this little bit of Orwellian newspeak allows them to do what they want to do – strip the bill of rights of all of its meaning.

No more freedom of speech. No more freedom of assembly. No more rights and immunities to free travel in between the various United States.

No right to choose what you wear on your face or where you shop or eat.

Thank God for Neil Gorsuch. We need more justices like him.