Nearly 60K unvaccinated US troops face pay and benefit cuts, possible ‘expulsion’

If you thought President Joe Biden’s push to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine on Americans under the threat of losing pay and benefits, think again.

According to Fox News, an astonishing 57,000 unvaccinated National Guard and Reserve soldiers risk a possible forfeiture of pay, benefits, and retirement credit if they don’t comply. The unvaccinated personnel are being kept from participating in weekend drills and other duties. 

The U.S. Army explained to Fox News Digital that as of July 1, soldiers unwilling to get vaccinated will officially begin to suffer the consequences.

“Beginning July 1, 2022, members of the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve who have refused the lawful DOD COVID-19 vaccination order without an approved or pending exemption may not participate in federally funded drills and training and will not receive pay or retirement credit,” the statement to Fox said.

The deadline for soldiers in Reserve and National Guard units to receive the COVID jab was June 30.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has threatened service members who do not comply with the vaccination order with expulsions from the military or other types of separation measures.

The news of nearly 60,000 American heroes being denied pay and benefits for not wanting to receive the vaccine angered Americans on social media, as it should. Many asserted that Biden is waging war against the very people who are deployed to keep us safe.

Kelly Loeffler tweeted, “The Commander in Chief is firing thousands of unvaccinated National Guard members – who are literally on the frontlines at our southern border. This is how Biden repays those who have dedicated themselves to protecting our nation?”